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Staff : Mrs Horan, Miss Joughin, Mrs Mullins and Mrs Gaughan

Welcome to our class web page.   Please check back to see some of the lovely experiences that your child will be having in our setting over the course of the year.

Morning Nursery is 8.30am to 11.30am.
Afternoon Nursery is 12.30pm to 3.30pm.

To celebrate children’s birthdays, they can come to school wearing their own clothes.

In Nursery, we aim to make each child’s first experience of school warm, homely and nurturing; and a place in which their individual talents and interests are celebrated and extended, to encourage high quality learning. Staff actively, support children in their play and this forms the basis of our curriculum. By supporting play, we are more finely tuned into a child’s development and are able to take learning forward in a way that will captivate the child. We plan so that learning and development are implemented through purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities. We are led by the needs and interests of our children.


Book bags play a vital role in maintaining home school links.  Please check the bag each night and bring it into school each day.  We provide each child with a Green Planner. This contains key dates from our school calendar, tips and advice, engaging activities to do with your child and a reading record for you to complete when you read at home.  You can also write messages to your class teacher in the planner, and we can write messages to you.  Green Planners are checked daily and therefore must come into school every day.  

Library books will be given out on a Monday and collected in on a Friday. We will keep planners over the weekend and return them to you on Monday.


Homework will be sent home via Tapestry. The task will be a consolidation of recent learning. Please record your work in a creative practical way and upload it to Tapestry. 


We will have PE in Nursery and a PE kit will be needed. This includes green shorts, a white t-shirt and black pumps.  Black joggers and a black jumper can also be worn over their PE t-shirt.

Morning Nursery PE day is on Friday and afternoon Nursey is Friday. Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit. 

Nursery Curriculum Maps 

Summer 1

Jack has some magic beans! What will happen when they start to grow in his garden? We will watch and see what happens when we grow some magic beans in Nursery. Have a look at our Learning Expedition to see what other exciting things we will be learning this half term.

Summer 2

Have you ever wanted a pet? How do you find the right one? An elephant is too heavy, a giraffe is too tall, a frog is too jumpy…..

This half term we will be reading Dear Zoo and learning all about zoo animals. We are also going on a trip to Chester Zoo too.

Spring 1

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks. She went for a walk in the forest. Pretty soon, she came upon a house. She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in. I wonder who lives there? Have a look at our Learning Expedition to see what exciting things we will be learning this half term.

Spring 2

Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various creatures steal her fruits. When she shares her basket with Akeyo, it’s Handa who gets the biggest surprise. This half term we will be tasting some delicious fruits and making our own fruit kebabs. Have a look at our Learning Expedition to see what other exciting things we will be learning. 

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 – This half term we will be focusing on the story of ‘Elmer.’ Elmer the elephant is a colourful character and we will enjoy learning about all the colours of the rainbow. We will learn all about ourselves and develop our listening skills. Have a look at our curriculum map to see what other exciting things we will be learning.

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 – Laura has been wishing for a special friend in whom she can confide all of her most secret thoughts and feelings. And then one evening, as she is staring out the window she sees a beautiful star fall from the sky. Laura runs out to find it, and so begins the very special relationship between Laura and the Star. This term we will be learn about day and night and discover which animals only come out at night. Have a look at our curriculum to see what other exciting things we will be learning too.

Outdoor Learning

In Nursery we learn through play and believe that outdoors should be as much a part of a child’s learning environment as the indoor environment.  When children explore the outdoors they learn from first-hand experiences, they will challenge themselves, become successful learners and develop into healthy, confident children.  We go outside in all weathers so children will need a pair of named wellington boots to be kept in Nursery and an outdoor coat to be brought in daily. We will provide wet suits.

How we assess your child’s development

During the Nursery year the children work within developmental age bands.  If a child is aged 3, they would generally be expected to work within the 30-50 month age band.  The children often spend a large proportion of the year within the same age band, and this is completely acceptable as the bands are so broad. Children develop at different rates therefore there may be instances where your child is working within the lower age band. We will keep you informed if this is the case. 

30 – 50 months development chart

EYFS Parent Guide


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