Staff : Mrs Matthews , Miss Joughin and Mrs Mullins

Welcome to our class web page.   Please check back to see some of the lovely experiences that your child will be having in our setting over the course of the year.

 In Nursery, we aim to make each child’s first experience of school warm, homely and nurturing; and a place in which their individual talents and interests are celebrated and extended, to encourage high quality learning. Staff actively, support children in their play and this forms the basis of our curriculum. By supporting play, we are more finely tuned into a child’s development and are able to take learning forward in a way that will captivate the child. We plan so that learning and development are implemented through purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities. We are led by the needs and interests of our children.

Click here to look at the Early Years curriculum. EARLY YEARS PLANNING.

Outdoor Learning

In Nursery we learn through play and believe that outdoors should be as much a part of a child’s learning environment as the indoor environment.  When children explore the outdoors they learn from first-hand experiences, they will challenge themselves, become successful learners and develop into healthy, confident children

How we assess your child’s development

During the Nursery year the children work within developmental age bands.  If a child is aged 3, they would generally be expected to work within the 30-50 month age band.  A child who is 3 would be 36 months and they would possibly be working within the 30-50 month age band.  The children often spend a large proportion of the year within the same age band, and this is completely acceptable as the bands are so broad. Please click on the link below to see some more information about the curriculum that the children in nursery and reception follow

Session Times Morning Nursery starts at 8.30am.  You can bring your child in from then until 9.00am.  We lock up the gates at 9am  We open the gates again at 11.30am. Afternoon Nursery starts at 12.45pm.  The gates are locked at 12.55pm.  We open for home time at 3.30 but do not close Nursery until 3.45pm. 


Our Current Cornerstones Topic is


We will be looking at what food types are healthy, different meals and snacks that we like, what foods our bodies need and making different types of breakfast.

We will be listening to lots of different stories and rhymes such as Twinkle chocolate bar, Oliver’s fruit salad, I will never eat a tomato and Eat your greens Goldilocks.

We will trying lots of different types of food and planning a picnic too!

Our previous topics were


The children really enjoyed our topic ‘Why do you love me so much?’ The children have listened to lots of family and friends stories, had lots of fun playing in the baby clinic and talking about what babies need.

We have talked about feelings and used mirrors to show faces that we make when we feel happy, sad, angry and upset to name a few.

How many colours in a rainbow?

We explored this question and others such as What happens when you mix red and blue? What colours can you see around you? What happens when colours mix?

We listened to lots of stories such as Elmer, Red rockets and rainbow jelly and A rainbow of my own to name a few.

We took part the book start nursery rhyme challenge and performed lots of songs and rhymes for our parents.
Are eggs alive?

We explored lots of questions such as What are buds? What are different baby animals called? What happens in Spring?  to name a few,  plus we looked at the world around us and how in changes during this season.

Did dragons exist?

We read lots of stories about dragons,  investigated and sorted eggs by size, we  designed and made a large dragon collage, there was lots of imaginative play using small world dragons, knights and princesses.

We had a great time celebrating world book dressing up as some of our favourite book characters. We listened to the story The Cat In The Hat and our teachers acted it our for us too!