Maths Ambassadors

A big hello from our Maths Ambassadors here at Malvern. We are busy making sure our interactive Maths display is completed and are currently helping Mr. Morland understand how to use Twitter.

Follow us @MathsatMalvern  where we will be uploading puzzles, challenges and information about Maths at Malvern.

Every Friday we will be picking a Mathematician of the Week. They will be picked from the display box if they successfully answer the challenge question of the week.


Mathematicians of the Week for 24.11.17

Fearne (Y6), Jessica (Y5), Ruby (Y5) and Amy (Y5). They successful answered the problem for their year! Have a go yourself.



Second week of the Maths Challenges and the ambassadors selected two problems. One for Y3/4 and one for Y5/6. Have a look and see what you think.

Here are some pictures of the ambassadors busy with children from across the school completing the challenges.

Mathematicians of the Week 1.12.17

Well done to our mathematicians of the week: Aiva Mc (Y6), Ava F (Y5), Louie M (Y3) and Jess T (Y3). Jess correctly answered the Y5/6 questions as well! New challenges are on the board and children are chomping at the bit to answer them.

Upcoming Events

7th December – Mathletics Competition against Mosscroft, St. Albert’s and St. Aidan’s: 10am start.


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