Malvern Primary School have a very active and supportive Governing Body

Every school has a governing body with governors who work as a team.  Governors are responsible to children, parents and the community for making sure the school provides good quality education.  Governors also promote high standards of educational achievement.  They do this together with the Head Teacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management of the school.

If you have any questions please contact the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Ruth Mylett on 0151 477 8235.

Chair of Governors-

Mr Graham Wright – Co-opted   Term of office- 1.7.15 to 30.6.19

Mr Graham Wright is a former Local Authority councillor and has served on the governing body since 1998. He has chaired the Finance (now Finance and Personnel) Committee since that date.

Born in 1959 in Liverpool, he was educated at Longview and Roby Comprehensive schools in Huyton, and studied History and Economics at Balliol College Oxford.

Experience of work includes museum research, FE lecturing and since 1992 a solicitor.

He lives in Roby with his wife, Marian.

Mrs Julie Peach – Headteacher

Miss Elizabeth McLoughlin –  Staff     Term of office- 1.5.15 to 30.4.19

Mr Graham Johnson -Co-opted        Term of office-3.2.15 to 2.1.19

Mr Matthew Wilson – Parent         Term of office-1.11.16 to 31.10.20

As a Parent of 2 children at Malvern, one in Year 2 and one in Nursery, I  value the opportunity to help strengthen the school’s drive to continue to deliver the good quality of education witnessed in the last Ofsted visit.

As a Primary teacher myself I have a strong understanding of the needs of all involved in the school community starting first and foremost with the children. I am well placed to support the school Governing body in being accountable for performance both financial and educational, and in meeting the Safeguarding, social and cultural development needs of pupils.  I welcome the opportunity to help support the school’s current focus on Reading through the Reading Quality Mark and in ensuring that progress in Maths and Writing continues to strengthen.

With a background in business I also understand the importance of budgetary accountability and investment in facilities management. I am particularly keen to help the school continue to develop its links with the community.  As I am now a supply teacher I have the flexibility to spend time in school supporting with events and spending time getting to know the children.

Mrs Emma Sinnett- Parent      Term of office- 1.11.17 to 31.10.21

My current role as a senior manager in a post 16 education provider gives me the skills and knowledge to support and benefit our school.  I have 2 children at Malvern who enjoy the school and I would like the opportunity to support and improve their future experiences and those of the other children at the school.

I am a designated safeguarding officer and am passionate about children being given the best support to improve their experience in education.  I have participated in 4 Ofsted inspections and understand their requirements.

In my current role I am involved in setting quality improvement plans to improve teaching and learning and the students experiences in education.  My 12 years experience of managing a post 16 education provider gives me the skills needed to confidently and competently participate in the governance of our school.


Mr Gavin Butterworth- Parent    Term of office- 1.7.15 to 30.6.19

I am a former pupil of Malvern and a parent with 2 children in the school (soon to be 3). I believe that I am well placed to understand the needs of the children, parents and local community.

I take the Kids to school almost every day and this allows me to observe how the school is run and to identify possible improvements.

As a local employer and business owner, I have extensive experience in the areas of; business management, HR, IT, administration and finance. I believe that all of these skills will be beneficial to the school.

As a chartered accountant, part of my role is to advise businesses on processes and financial efficiencies, again skills that I feel would benefit the school.

I am extremely passionate about education and believe that there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why Malvern cannot achieve the highest possible standards. I hope to be involved in driving the process of continuing improvement.

Mr Mark Johnson- Co-Opted     Term of office – 01.11.15 to 31.10.19 

Mrs Ruth Mylett – Clerk of Governors