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A little update from School Council.

November 2015

Malvern School Council have been busy preparing for our Anti Bullying week.  This begins on the 16th November and will involve lots of activities and sessions on the definitions of bullying and the impact it can have.  This years theme is “make a noise about bullying”.  The school council will be presenting an assembly on Monday to introduce the special activities.

Thanks to a donation from one of our mums , Hollie and her children,  Thomas and Sam, we have a fabulous “Buddy Bench” installed in our playground.  The school council will be monitoring the use of the bench, whether it be for children who want a quiet sit down, or children looking for someone to play with.

On Monday 9th November, 12 members of our school council represented Malvern at an Anti Bullying Conference.  It was held at St Margaret Marys Infants school and we were joined by reps from Blacklow Brow, Sylvester, St Margaret Marys Infants and Juniors.  There were 55 children taking part in total and the message that they all received was to have zero tolerance to Bullying.  The children learnt how to spot the signs of bullying, how to identify the different types of bullying, and how to reward positve behaviours.  The children were a credit to their families and to our school, I was so very proud of them.




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