Malvern Primary – Staff

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Senior Leadership Team

(Roles and Responsibilities)

Mrs Julie Peach – Headteacher

Miss Elizabeth McLoughlin – (Deputy) – Acting Headteacher  – Safeguarding Lead/ Data and Progress Lead / Teaching & Learning Team Lead/ Attendance Lead /   Curriculum Lead

Mr Paul Kynaston – Assistant Head Teacher / Reading Champion / NQT and Student Mentor / Day to Day Timetabling / Extra Curricular Activities

Mrs Ruth Mylett – School Business Manager / Clerk to Governors / Educational Visits Coordinator

Mrs Natalie McGorian  Phase Leader for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 /Professional Learning Programme Lead / Lead Teacher / English / Arts and Design / Assessment for Learning

Mr Lee Dickinson – Curriculum Leader for Sports/ PE and Attainment/ Outdoor learning/ Behaviour

Mrs Stacey Horan – Inclusion Manager for Special Educational Needs and Disability / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Stuart Morland – Phase Leader for Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 / Mathematics / Computing



Class Teachers

Nursery:  Mrs N. Matthews & Mrs Y Whittle

Reception: Mrs Z. Woodward & Mrs C.Croft

Year 1: Mrs S. Horan & Miss C. Brown

Year 2: Mrs N. McGorian & Mr P. Kendall

Year 3: Mr I. Hadwin & Mrs S. deSimone

Year 4: Mr P. Kynaston &  Mrs C. Worthington

Year 5: Mr T. Jacob & Mr Phillips

Year 6: Mr S. Morland & Mrs J. Hayes & Mrs N. Davies

Learning Mentor: Miss S. Baker (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

PPA Cover – Mrs Y. Whittle, Miss C. Fraser

Outdoor Learning – Miss C. Fraser & Mr A. Gardiner

Support Staff

Nursery Teaching Assistant – Miss S. Joughin 

Nursery Teaching Assistant – Mrs D. Reid

Reception Teaching Assistant – Mrs S.Mullins

Reception Teaching Assistant – Miss L. Bullen

Year 1 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Shackell

Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistant – Mrs J. Ramsden & Mrs L. Townson & Mrs W. Hutchison &  Mrs C. Gaughan (HLTA) & Mrs S. Stephens

Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant – Mrs D Jenks & Mrs H. Peacock & Ms J. Blundell & Mrs E. Lynch (HLTA) & Miss P. Foulger

Administrator – Mrs D. Clarke

Administrator – Mrs J Hodson

Administrator – Mrs L. Thorpe

School Site Manager: Mr M. Walters

Sports Coach/ Teaching Assistant: Mr A. Gardiner

Catering / Midday Staff 

Catering Manager: Mrs A. Costello

Midday Welfare: Mrs C. Partington

Midday Welfare: Mrs C. Green

Midday Welfare: Mrs E. Fullerton

Midday Welfare: Mrs V. Evans

Midday Welfare: Mrs E. Shields

Midday Welfare: Mrs L. Gantley

Midday Welfare: Ms P. Hall

Midday Welfare: Mrs L. Thorpe

Midday Welfare: Mrs S. Laidlaw