Children’s Poems

We have added poetry to our weekly assembly programme.  KS1 poetry assemblies will be led by Mrs. McGorian and KS2 poetry assemblies will be led by Mr. Kynaston.

We are encouraging the children to write for pleasure – and pen their own poems.  These poems will be read during poetry assemblies and published on this page of our website.

‘I Like’ by Mia Coughlin from 5AP

I like sunshine, I like snow, I like brown leaves when they blow.

I like baseball, I like trains, I like sleeping when it rains.

I like collies, I like cats, I like clowns in funny hats.

I like cookies, I like cakes, I like waffles when I wake.

I like stories at bedtime and I like poems when they rhyme.

‘Hillsborough’ by Libbie from 5TJ (and her dad)

The semi-final ’89 – the amount of fans had to decline.

When the people were getting in – the crushing started to begin.

People began to crawl through the pen – children, ladies, elderly men.

John Barnes was there as well – it was like a living hell.

Ninety-six people died – friends and relatives mortified.

‘Christmas’ by Mimi and Jessica from 4PK

Candy canes, different lanes,

A Christmas tree and a happy me.

Summer time go away !

It’s Christmas time !  Hooray !

‘Friends’ by Mimi and Jessica from 4PK

Some are spicy, some are sweet,

Some are nice, some are mean,

Some tie your laces in random places.

Some are the best and some are the worst.

But everyone is a friend !

‘The Boy from France’ by Kacie P. form 4PK

There was once a boy from France

Who found some baked beans by chance.

He ate them so quickly,

That soon he felt sickly,

And blew a great hole in his pants.

‘Rex’ by Matilda T. from 4PK

I love my dog because of his eyes,

I love my dog because he was a surprise.

He gets excited for walks in the park,

But he doesn’t like walks in the dark.

He sometimes nibbles at my feet,

And he loves to eat my sweets.

But overall I’ve got to say,

I love my dog in every way.

‘Teachers Are…’ by Grace G. & Claudia from 5TJ

Teachers are very polite – even though they give you a fright.

When they shout they make you jump – and make your heart go thump, thump, thump !

They’re very tall and scary – and also very hairy.

They are also very great – even though they’re not my mate.

Teachers are very crazy – even though they’re very lazy.

All those things we’ve just said – we hope they don’t make you go mad in the head.

‘The Vine’ by Neve from 4CW

I found a vine.

The vine was very thick.

As I climb up the vine I hear a clock tick.

But I had lost a clock.

So I kept climbing the vine.

When I got to the top, the ticking was louder.

Could it be my favourite clock ?

There was a rooftop so I climbed onto it.

There was a little room I went in.

It was empty but there was one thing – my favourite clock.

It was !  I couldn’t believe it.

‘The Bin’ by Chloe D. from 4PK

I heard a din coming from the bin,

So I walked over and looked in.

I worried what could be in there,

Was it a rabbit or was it a hare ?

Well fancy that – it was a cat in a hat.

I thought I’d go back in my house

And to my surprise, I saw a mouse.

I turned around to walk away,

There was no way I was going to stay.

I ran back to look in the bin.

I grabbed the cat and took him in.

‘My Little Sister Elsie’ by Masie T. from 3SdS

My little sister Elsie is so cute and funny.

My little sister Elsie is a little devil.

My little sister Elsie is loves ‘Frozen’ and ‘Horrid Henry’.

I love my little sister, Elsie.

‘My Brother’ by Emily W. from 5TJ

If I had a brother he would be an….

….Attention hoarder

….Love seeker

….Toy stealer

….Girl smacker

….Hair puller

That would be my brother.

‘School or Staying With Me Mum !’ by Ruby O. from 5TJ

I’m not feeling that well,

I don’t wanna go to school.

I’d rather watch the TV

Or go to Max’s pool.

‘That’s okay,’ said mum,

‘You can spend the day with me.’

‘Sorry,’ I say to mum,

‘I really need a wee !’

I spend for ages in the bathroom,

Thinking of an excuse.

When mum shouts up,

‘Do you want some juice ?’

I have to say, ‘Yes,’

Cos I love it loads

And she can’t say, ‘No,’

Cos of my cute nose.

‘It’s alright actually mum –

I feel a bit better !’

And of course,

I wasn’t really under the weather.

‘My Little Sister Lottie’ by Lily P. from 3SdS

My little sister Lottie loves food.

My little sister Lottie is always in a good mood.

My little sister Lottie loves Teletubbies.

My little sister Lottie loves CBeebies.

My little sister Lottie loves to be silly.

‘Penguin’ by Mimi from 4PK

Once I met a penguin called Ben and he looked a bit like a hen.

I asked, ‘Do you want to play in the snow ?’ and he said, ‘No !’

Then I asked him, ‘Do you want to go on land ?’ but he said, ‘There’s too much sand.’

‘The Great Getaway’ by Claudia from 5TJ

The swishing of the waves and the dripping in the caves,

The colourful tents and the smell in the gents,

The campfires light as the sheep say, ‘Goodnight !’

The rain in the morning and the sound of folks snoring,

The place I love to stay – a great Welsh holiday.

‘For My Bother, Callum’ by Heidy from 4CW

I wanted a baby brother – so I went to ask my mother.

It was not lies – my mum and dad gave me a surprise.

He did arrive quite late – but now he has grown into my best mate.

We share love like no other – so I’m happy I got my baby brother.

‘Lizzie’ by Lola from 4CW

A little girl came to my door – her name was Lizzie.

She wobbled and wobbled and wobbled some more – and said, ‘I’m quite dizzy.’

I said, ‘Come in and have a seat.’ – and offered her something to eat.

I gave her some plaice and she felt much better – then left with a smile on her face.