Graphic Novels

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A graphic novel is a story that is presented in a comic-strip format – and published as a book.

‘Alex Rider’ Graphic Novels

By Anthony Horowitz, Antony Johnston, Kanako & Yuzuro

The Scholastic website says: Now in a storming full-colour graphic format. Even better than the real thing! See all the action unfold in slamming move by move frames. Alex Rider is fluent in five languages. He can kickbox better than Bruce Lee, and break into a secure bank vault no problem. Why is this? It’s because Alex isn’t just a teenage schoolboy. He’s also a spy for MI6. But while this might sound pretty cool, it’s also extremely deadly. Alex has made a lot of enemies. How long can he stay alive?

  • Thrilling graphic take on a bestselling series
  • All-out action in manga-style colour artwork
  • Faithful to the original books but with shorter text
  • Perfect for comics fans and Alex Rider followers

Children may borrow these books for the school library.

‘KidGlovz’ by Julie Hunt and Dale Newman

KidGlovz is a musical genius. His gift is so precious that he’s kept under lock and key. But when a young thief helps him escape, Kid must embark on a perilous journey through which he will discover the terrifying nature of his talent.

A spellbinding graphic fable about friendship and freedom.

For age 9+ and published on 8/2/18.



‘The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship’

Written by Philip Pullman and originally serialised in The Phoenix Comic and illustrated by Fred Fordham, ‘The Adventures of John Blake’ is a high-octane, twisting, time-travelling tale of adventure on the high seas – in a graphic novel format.

At the centre of the adventure is a mysterious ghost ship, the Mary Alice, crewed by men from ancient Rome, the seventeenth century and the present.  I read it over half-term and really enjoyed it. Fred Fordham’s art work is fabulous.

Published in hardback on 1/6/17. For age 9+.