Reception: Teddy Bears Picnic

Ourselves and our teddies were invited to a Teddy Bears Picnic! It was so exciting, we got to perform a piece of poetry called ‘Teddy Bear Teddy Bear.’ Next, we sang the popular Nursery Rhyme ‘Round and round the garden’ to our teddies. After this, we got to eat our delicious bear cakes.

Disaster! When we arrived back at our classroom it had been trashed! There were tables upside down, chairs knocked over, toys on the floor and then we spotted the bear’s foot prints! There was also a present and a letter.

We all sat down together and discussed what we thought had happened. Our teachers were so impressed with our ideas!

Lastly, we read the letter and opened the present. It was a new story for us to read ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’