Spotlight is On…

Each week we will be putting the Spotlight on a child and getting to know them a little better.

This week…10/02/17


Name: Melissa

Age: 7

Hobbies: Dancing and Rock Climbing

Role Model: Perry

Pets: Jessie the Dog and Oliver the Cat

Favourite Subjects: P.E and Maths

Future Job: Dancer

Best Moment in School: Star of the week for the first time

Why do you want to be a Dancer: because it’s fun and the atmosphere is great


Name: Katy    

Age: 9

Hobbies: Football and Basketball

Role Model:  Francesca Kirkby- Footballer

Pets: A Dog two Cats and two Rabbits

Favourite subject: Maths

Future Job: Footballer or Vet

Best Moment in School: Star of the Week for the First Time

How can You show good Perseverance: Just keep trying


This week… 03/02/17


Name: Oliver

Age: 7

Hobbies: Football and Basketball

Role Model: Roberto Firmino

Pets: a dog called Flossy

Favourite Subject: P.E

Future Job: Footballer

Best moment in school: Scoring a goal in football

What keeps you from doing what you want to do: Being scared



Name: Alfie

Age: 10

Role Model: Johnny Depp

Pets: None

Favourite Subjects: Maths and Science

Future Job: Director

Best moment in school: first Christmas play [Number 15 bus stop]

Is it fair that everyone is treated equally: No, not all the time because if someone was naughty and didn’t get a punishment because of someone else had been good then they would think they could do it again



This week.. 27/01/17

Name: Paul


Age: 10

Favourite hobbies: Boxing and Football

Who do you look up to: Anthony Joshua

Pets: Rabbit called Bony and a Parrot called Oscar

Favourite subjects: P.E. and Science

Other duties: House Captain of Trust

Best Moment in School: Getting picked for the Football team

Good joke: Why are kids scared of numbers: because they are always out-numbered.

Future job: Army Mechanic

Is it worse to fail or not try in the first place: It’s better to fail then you can learn!


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