World Maths Day 2013

mathsOn Wednesday 6th March we welcomed nearly 50 parents into school to help us celebrate World Maths Day.  Every child across school spent the day completing some really exciting Maths games and puzzles.  The parents joined their own children in the classroom and worked with them on all of the activities.  It was great to walk around school and watch the whole school community working so well together.

This is how we got on….







Feedback From Parents

“It was great seeing my child so happy to share what he does at school with me and others.  The children looked very happy and enthuastic.  My son is in Year 4 so I enjoyed the chance to see future Maths work in Year 6.”

“I really enjoyed interacting with the children and seeing the children working together as a team.”

“I enjoyed having the opportunity to help out and observe the children while they were working.”

“I enjoyed taking part in my child’s learning.”

“I enjoyed interacting with the children and watching them learn through the selected activities.”