Year 1: Autumn 1 – The Enchanted Woodland

This half term our topic is ‘The Enchanted Woodland’. The children will learn all about various woodland animals and learn to recognise the signs of Autumn. They will also find out about evergreen and deciduous trees and learn to identify some common examples of each. The children will also label the different parts of a flower and tree. They will also become familiar with a range of wild and garden plants and be able to recognise and name them from pictures. As part of this topic, the children will learn about healthy eating. In Design and Technology, they will make a healthy fruit salad, cutting and preparing the fruit themselves. They will then bring their teddy bear in from home and have a teddy bear’s picnic.

During this half term the children will also have the opportunity to become budding artists! They will learn all about the artist ‘Piet Mondrian’, and find out how he used line and colour in his paintings. The children will have the opportunity to create their own Mondrian inspired artwork which involves painting using the primary colours (red, yellow and blue). In addition, they will have the chance to create tints of the 3 primary colours. They will also have the chance to use the iPads to create their own Mondrian artwork using Book Creator.

Here is some of the artwork from 1CB. The children really enjoyed creating their artwork and were pleased with their finished pieces of work.

Here is some of the Mondrian artwork created on the iPads using Book Creator by 1CB.