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At Malvern, our school community has thoughtfully considered how to celebrate the fantastic attendance achievements of our pupils and encourage excellent attendance for all. We understand that working collaboratively, with the ambition of achieving a shared goal, is an incredible motivator for our young people. This understanding is the foundation of our attendance league, #In2Win.

The attendance league runs annually, with each class forming a team that works together to achieve points. Each class creates its own team name, flag, kit, and chant. Every Monday, Miss Baker releases the fixtures for that week, and classes compete against one another. For example, 2CW – The Indestructible Worthingtons, may be pitted against 6JH – Hayes’ Heroes. At the end of each week, the class with the best attendance out of those two will be awarded points.

The scoring system works as follows:

  • 100% attendance: 2 bonus points
  • Winning team: 3 points
  • Runners-up (attendance over 97%): 2 points
  • Draw: 1 point

As an added element of excitement, some weeks will be designated as “Derby Week,” during which year groups compete directly against each other to score points. The winning team from each fixture will be awarded an extra 10-minute playtime, taken at some time during the week and supervised by the class teacher.

In recognition of individuals making an excellent effort to attend school, we celebrate an “Attendee of the Week” every week. This award goes to a child who has significantly improved their attendance, a child with an underlying health condition who still attends school regularly, or any child who shows a real effort to attend school.

With 14 classes in our school, each league lasts 26 weeks. By the end of the 26 weeks, the top four teams will receive a whole class reward. The team that finishes at the top of the league will receive a trophy, which will be engraved and take pride of place in their classroom for that year.

Running alongside the league, we also organize a cup competition. This will involve a live draw and, as the title suggests, will be based on a knockout system, with the winning team from each fixture progressing to the next round.

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