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Current Subscription:

First News

Each year group (Y1 to Y6) receives a copy of this weekly newspaper for children. 

Published in full colour, it covers interesting national and international news and events.

With this subscription, we aim to broaden children’s reading habits and encourage them to have an interest in what’s going on in the world.

During class silent reading times, many children choose to read First News.

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Previous Subscriptions

We have, at various times since 2015, had subscriptions to the publications detailed below.

Aquila Magazine

Our Y5 and Y6 classes received a copy of Aquila Magazine each month.

The magazine provides a generous helping of intelligent reading – with science, arts and general knowledge in every issue.  There are also articles on philosophy and well-being that will encourage a balanced take on life.

As with the First News subscription, our aim is to broaden children’s reading habits.

An Aquila Magazine information leaflet was distributed to children in September 2017.

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The Phoenix Comic

Classes in Year Three to Year Six received a weekly copy of this 32 page anthology comic.  This subscription is funded by the school’s PTA.

The comic’s website says that: ‘…every issue is packed with serialised adventure stories, funny original comics, fascinating non-fiction and mind-bending puzzles….. It’s a weekly dose of adventure, mystery, laughter, knowledge and wonder.’


theweekThe Week – Junior

Classes in Year Four to Year Six received a weekly copy of this current affairs magazine.

The magazine’s website says: ‘…it explains the news and events in ways that children understand; immediate, colourful, innovative.  From news to nature, science to geography, and film to coding, The Week Junior explores an extraordinary array of topics from around the globe. Written to engage a young person’s point of view, without spoon-feeding or patronising, it explains events in a safe, accessible and inspiring way.’


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