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School Clubs

School Clubs 2020 – 2021

Information regarding school clubs for the new school year will be published in September.

As part of our extended services, we would like to offer children the opportunity to join one or more of our many exciting lunch time and after school clubs. These clubs are run on a voluntary basis by members of staff. Start dates for after school clubs are detailed below. The clubs are as follows:

Year Four Recorder Club

Year Four children have the opportunity to further develop the musical skills they acquired in Year Three by joining their own Recorder Club.  

Teacher: Mrs. Hadwin.
Where: Mr. Kynaston’s classroom.
And: Bring a recorder.

Keep Fit Club

Children in Year One & Year Two who are feeling sporty and wanting to keep fit, can join our brand new Keep Fit Club and enjoy lots of exercise and running around. 

Teachers: Miss Hilliard & Miss Joughin.
Where: Meet in Miss Hilliard’s classroom.
And: Bring sports kit for all weathers.
Please Note: Children in Y3 & Y4 will be able to join our Keep Fit Club after the February half term holiday.

Football Club

Girls and boys in Year Five and Year Six can improve their skills, keep fit and enjoy a good kick around by joining Football Club. 

Teachers: Mr.Phillips & Mr.Gardiner.
Where: Playground or field. Meet in Mr.Phillips’ classroom.
And: Bring a PE kit suitable for outdoors and a drink.

Book Club

Year Five and Year Six children can join our well established upper Key Stage Two Book Club. Over the course of the year, they can enjoy sharing and discussing a variety of titles
– with hot chocolate and biscuits !

Teachers: Mr.Kynaston.
Where: Mr.Kynaston’s room.
And: Bring a packed lunch. Children will be asked to pay for (and can keep) their own copy of the chosen book(s).

Drama & Theatre Club

Budding thespians in Year Five and Year Six can join our Drama and Theatre Club. Children can take part in regular trips to the theatre and enjoy the thrill of performing on stage at Christmas. 

Teachers: Miss Joughin, Mrs.Peacock & Mr.Kynaston.
Where: The school hall.

Netball Club

Children in Key Stage Two (Y3 to Y6) can learn the rules of the game, keep fit and enjoy playing against an opposing team in Netball Club. 

Teacher: Miss Brown.
Where: The school hall.
And: Bring a suitable indoor PE kit and a drink.

Forest School Club

Year Three & Year Four children can join our brand new Forest School Club to take part in
den-building, team-building and all things outdoors! 

Teachers: Miss Fraser & Mrs Croft.
Where: Meet in Miss Fraser’s room.
And: Bring wellies and waterproofs.

Girls’ Football Club

Girls in Year Three and Year Four can improve their skills, keep fit and enjoy a good kick around by joining Girls’ Football Club. 

Teachers: Mr.Phillips & Mr.Gardiner.
Where: The playground or field. Meet in Mr.Phillips’ room.
And: Bring a PE kit suitable for outdoors and a drink.

S.T.E.M. Club

Year Five and Year Six children who are interested in all things scientific and technological can join our brand new S.T.E.M. Club. Children will take part in a variety of mathematical, scientific and technological activities. 

Teachers: Mrs Hayes & Miss O’Brien.
Where: Miss O’Brien’s classroom

Malvern Book Group

This one’s for the mums and dads – and nans and granddads (and teachers) ! The Malvern Book Group meets once a month to talk about a chosen book. Meetings are very informal, social occasions. If you’d like to know more, please talk to Mr Kynaston. Meetings take place at 7.30pm in The Roby Pub. Details of the next meeting can be found by going to the ‘Reading’ tab and clicking on ‘Adult Book Group’.

Further Information

At the end of after school clubs, children should be collected from the school’s main entrance.

Key Stage Two children are able to gain credits towards their Children’s University awards when they take part in any of our lunch time or after school clubs. This also includes any musical instrument lessons that take place in school.

Children can log their hours spent at extra-curricular activities in their Children’s University Passports. These can be purchased from school for £1. The hours will be used to work out the appropriate level of Children’s University award. The Children’s University graduation ceremony will take place during the summer term.

Children can also gain credit for activities and clubs that they participate in outside of school.  These must be approved by the Children’s University.  The hours spent at these activities and clubs must be logged in their Children’s University Passport and signed / stamped by the activity / club leader.

Teachers will let children know the start dates for lunch time clubs.

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