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Valuing Pupil Voice at Malvern School 

At Malvern Primary School, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment where every student’s voice is not only heard but also valued. We believe that involving students in decision-making processes and giving them opportunities to be student representatives is an essential part of their personal and academic development. 

Diverse Roles and Responsibilities 

We offer a wide range of roles for pupils at Malvern to take on as student representatives. These roles not only contribute to the smooth operation of our school but also empower our students to develop leadership skills and make a positive impact on their peers and the school community as a whole. Some of these roles include: 

  • Head Boy and Head Girl: Our Head Boy and Head Girl serve as role models and leaders, representing the student body and acting as a bridge between students and staff. 
  • Deputy Head Boys and Deputy Head Girls: Our Deputy Head Boys and Deputy Head Girls assist the Head Boy and Head Girl in their roles, supporting leadership and representation. 
  • Prefects: Prefects play a crucial role in modelling excellent behaviour for learning and supporting teachers in the daily operations of the school. 
  • Art Ambassadors: These students promote creativity and the arts within the school, helping to organise and showcase artistic talent. 
  • Attendance Captains: Each class has their own Attendance Captain, who plays a vital role in promoting and ensuring regular attendance among students. They help create a culture of punctuality and commitment to learning. 
  • Digital Leaders: Digital Leaders help their peers navigate the world of technology, ensuring a safe and responsible use of digital resources. 
  • Librarians: Librarians play a pivotal role in promoting the love of reading across the school. They are responsible for the organisation and management of the school library, ensuring that it remains an inviting and inspiring place for all students. 
  • Lunch Buddies: Lunch Buddies ensure that all students have a friend to eat lunch with, fostering a sense of inclusion and friendship. Lunch buddies assist with the smooth running of lunchtimes, accepting personal responsibility for delegated roles and tasks.  
  • Play Leaders: Play Leaders facilitate positive playtime experiences, promoting cooperation, fun, and physical activity. 
  • Green Group Members: These students are responsible for promoting sustainability and environmental awareness within the school. 

Junior Leadership Team (JLT) 

In addition to these roles, we have a strong Junior Leadership Team (JLT) at Malvern School. The JLT consists of a pupil representative from each class. This team plays a vital role in shaping the student voice within the school. The JLT is structured with elected members, including a Chair, Vice Chair, and two Secretaries. 

  • Chair: The Chair of the JLT leads meetings and ensures that discussions are productive and focused on the best interests of the student body. 
  • Vice Chair: The Vice Chair assists the Chair in their responsibilities and steps in when needed to facilitate meetings and represent the JLT. 
  • Secretaries: The Secretaries are responsible for preparing meeting agendas and recording meeting minutes. They help document important discussions and decisions made during JLT meetings. 
  • Class Representatives: Class representatives are responsible for speaking to children in their classes and reporting back to the JLT with important messages, ideas and feedback to improve the school. They serve as a direct link between the students and the Junior Leadership Team, ensuring that student perspectives are shared and acted upon. 

Encouraging Leadership and Responsibility 

Through these roles, we encourage students to take on responsibilities and develop leadership skills. They learn to communicate effectively, collaborate with their peers, and make a difference in the school community. Being a student representative at Malvern School is a valuable experience that prepares our students for their future roles as responsible citizens and leaders. 

Creating a Positive Impact 

We firmly believe that students’ perspectives and ideas are invaluable in shaping the direction of our school. By engaging students as representatives, we ensure that their thoughts and concerns are considered in decision-making process. This not only enhances their sense of belonging but also contributes to a positive school culture where everyone’s voice matters.   At Malvern School, we are proud to provide a wide range of opportunities for our students to become student representatives, fostering leadership, responsibility and a strong sense of community. We encourage all our students to explore these roles and help us make our school an even better place for learning and growth. 

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our student representative opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Junior Leadership Team.   

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