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At Malvern, we are nurtured to grow into the very best version of ourselves. Our teachers recognise our unique talents, skills and character attributes and these are celebrated relentlessly throughout our time at school.

 We thrive on challenge and opportunities to experience and understand. We are resilient, perseverant and able to use our critical reasoning skills to think outside the box. These experiences enable us to overcome obstacles and recognise our own success.

We are ambitious in our endeavours and we are taught to set goals and dream big, believing that anything is possible and we are capable of great things.  Our teachers provide the necessary scaffolding, intervening inceptively, so that we are able to reach our goals and experience the exhilaration of victory.

We are taught to accept failure as an opportunity to reflect, reformulate and retry, picking ourselves up to have another go. We do not dwell on setbacks and begin each day anew.

We seek out ways to be of service to our community and help others. To ourselves, to each other and to our planet, we are kind.

Through our Malvern curriculum, we are provided the opportunities, experiences, challenges and questions that prepare us for life beyond primary school. As we grow, we cultivate our cultural capital so that we leave primary school ready for the challenges that await us in a world that is yet to exist.

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