Malvern P.T.A & Events

Welcome to our P.T.A

The New Malvern PTA is an open voluntary network of Parents, Carers and Teachers who want to share their skills and talents to make a difference and raise money for the school. When your child starts school, you automatically become a member of the PTA. It costs nothing but as much time as you can give. We organise events throughout the year which need volunteers to help run. And hold a meeting once a term. The P.T.A holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September each year to elect a Chair Person, Treasurer and Secretary. Our AGM was held at the beginning of this school year and the following members were elected:


Chair Person  –   Ms Abi Horsefield (parent)
Vice Chair – Jan Blundell (parent/staff)
Treasurer         –   Mrs Jill Woodcock (parent)
Secretary          –   Mrs Liz Wilson (parent)




Malvern Primary School PTA


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