Every Friday, teachers choose a class Reader of the Week.  This is somebody who has set a fantastic example with their reading. 

The Reader of the Week might have done lots of reading at home or made good progress with their reading or read aloud with confidence.  Or the Reader of the Week might simply have been enthusiastic about books and the joys of reading.  Congratulations to all of our readers of the week:

Friday 12th October

1CB – Heidi S.

1LM – Jessica K.

2MH – Brayden B.

2JO –

3IH – Jessica J.

3SdS – Isobel G.

4PK – Abigail K.

4CW – Chloe

5AP –

5ND – Darcy B.

6SM –

6JH –

Friday 5th October

1CB – Luca O.

1LM – Joshua L.E.

2MH – Megan M.

2JO – Hayden J.

3IH – Megan S.

3SdS – Summer G.

4PK – Oliver I.

4CW –

5AP – Aimee R.

5ND – Martha R.

6SM – Neil

6JH – Sam M.

Friday 28th September

1CB – Jessica M.

1LM – James F.

2MH – Abbie Z.

2JO – Elle R.

3IH – Sanna G.

3SdS – Chloe B.

4CW – Lewis

4PK – Jacob M.

5ND – Alfie W.

6JH – Connor G.

Friday 21st September

1CB – Emily G.

1LM – Sophia M.

2MH – Ellouise T.

2JO – Isaac M.

3IH – Bobby O.

3SdS – Henry N.

4CW – Leo

4PK – Eva

5ND – Lola F.

6SM – Amy B.

6JH – Phoebe D..

Friday 14th September

1CB – Max L.

1LM – Aimee S.

2MH – Alex M.

2JO – Josh G.

3IH – Niamh R.

3SdS – Isabell C.

4CW – Melissa L.

4PK – Molly B.

5AP – Yvie C.

5ND – Neve R.

6SM – Ruben W.

6JH – Georgia C.

Friday 7th September

1LM – William H.

1CB – Sophie G.

2MH – Bobby N.

2JO – Esme C.

3IH – Adam C.

3SdS – Hayden C.

4CW – Reuben

4PK – Isobel B.

5AP – Joseph G.

5ND – Imogen C.

6SM – Hetty R.

6JH – Libbie D.