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Celebrating GREAT Attendance

At Malvern, we place great importance on acknowledging and rewarding the commitment and dedication demonstrated by our students in maintaining regular attendance. Throughout the year, we implement various initiatives, working closely with our students and Junior Leadership Team to identify rewards that resonate with and inspire our children.

Autumn Term Raffle 2023

With the support of our Junior Leadership Team, we organised our termly attendance reward raffle. During the assembly, all students meeting the school’s attendance target of 97% were eligible for entry into a raffle, presenting them with the chance to win special prizes.

For the Autumn term, our Junior Leadership Team conducted a survey to understand the preferences of students across the school. The results highlighted that opportunities to visit the cinema, enjoy an afternoon at a soft play centre and attend the theatre were among the most popular options along with a selection of toys and gifts.

In total, over 200 children participated in the raffle and we were delighted to randomly select 150 fortunate winners through the wheel of names.  The lucky winners are now eagerly looking forward to their well-earned rewards.  We commend all students who achieved the attendance target and hope that these rewarding experiences serve as both an incentive and a source of pride in their commitment to regular school attendance.


To continue promoting excellent attendance at Malvern, Miss Baker organised a competition throughout February. All children who achieved 97% attendance or higher for the month were automatically entered into the draw and we are delighted to announce Molly as the winner earning her a £100 gift voucher for Smyths Toys Superstore.

A big congratulations is also extended to Henry, Joey, Teddy, Sarina and Evie who were also winners on the day and received prizes ranging from tickets to watch Liverpool FC to various toys and games.

Liverpool Legends 2024

We love to celebrate excellent attendance at Malvern and last week we were able to offer some of our pupils the opportunity to attend the Liverpool Legends fixture at    Anfield Stadium.  We extend a huge thank you to Liverpool FC Foundation for their continued support of our school community. 

Cinema Reward

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of accompanying our #In2Win champions to The Showcase Cinema for a special screening of the enchanting film, Luca, as a reward for their excellent attendance. The children were excellent ambassadors for our school and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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