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At Malvern School, we believe in nurturing leadership skills and providing our Year 6 students with the opportunity to take on roles of great responsibility. The positions of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, and Deputy Head Girl are highly esteemed and they serve as inspirational figures within our school community. 

The Election Process 

As children enter Year 6, they have the exciting opportunity to put themselves forward to represent Malvern as the Head Boy or Head Girl. This process is an invaluable lesson in leadership, democracy and public speaking. 

All Year 6 students are invited to write a speech outlining their aspirations and ideas for the school. These speeches are then performed in front of their fellow Year 6 students, where they share their vision for making Malvern a better place. 

An election is then held within Year 6, giving students a first-hand experience of democracy. The top five boys and top five girls from each class become the official candidates for the Head Boy and Head Girl positions. 

Campaign Week 

Campaign Week begins with a school-wide assembly held in our hall, where the successful candidates have the opportunity to make their speeches in front of the entire school community. This process helps students develop their public speaking skills and the confidence to articulate their ideas effectively. After candidates have delivered their speeches, a week of campaigning ensues, during which they passionately promote their ideas and try to secure votes from their peers. This week is a testament to their ability to connect with their fellow students and earn their trust and support. 

At the conclusion of the week, the election results are announced, and the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boys, and Deputy Head Girls are elected into their respective roles. They are then proudly provided with their badges, prefect ties and blazers. These symbols of leadership serve as a constant reminder of the responsibility they have taken on and the pride they feel in representing our school. 

Inspirational Role Models 

Our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, and Deputy Head Girl serve as inspirational role models for their peers. They embody the qualities of leadership, responsibility and commitment to making Malvern Primary School a better place for learning and growth. They work closely with our school administration and other student representatives, such as the Junior Leadership Team (JLT), to ensure that student perspectives are valued and integrated into decision-making processes. They are kind, both to themselves and others. They advocate integrity and do the right thing, even when the right thing isn’t easy. Elected Representatives nurture their character attributes and talents and encourage other pupils to do the same, celebrating in their success. When the going gets tough, they are daring in their endeavours. They are able to respond proactively to setbacks and see mistakes as an opportunity to reflect, reformulate and retry. 

Fostering Leadership 

We believe that providing students with the opportunity to take on these leadership roles not only enhances their personal development but also prepares them for a future as responsible and engaged citizens. It is our commitment to nurturing leadership skills and fostering a sense of pride and responsibility among our students. 

At Malvern School, we are proud of our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boys, and Deputy Head Girls, and we celebrate their dedication to making our school community stronger and more inclusive. 

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