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5 ways to well-being

We recognise ‘5-ways to well-being’ as integral in helping us all to develop and grow.


We endeavour to create a community whereby everyone feels connected, supported and listened to. We exploit social media as a tool to bring us together when physical togetherness is difficult. Through our curriculum model, we systemically plan for opportunities to draw families into learning to celebrate with us. We use our weekly newsletter as an opportunity to keep families informed and connected.

Be active

We work in partnership with DG Sports to provide afterschool activities for all children, from Reception to Year 6. We host a number of afterschool activities, from gymnastics to football, running to drama. We use our daily mile as an opportunity to be active and we promote and advocate the link between mindfulness and physical movement. We use social media to share these messages with our community and harvest opportunities to encourage families to be active together.

Take notice

We teach children to be appreciative and cultivate an attitude of gratitude within our community. We are sensitive to the needs of others and offer help and support when it is needed. We champion the outdoors and encourage our community to enjoy the simple pleasures that can be enjoyed together in nature. From a conversation enjoyed whilst walking to school, sampling the delights of Mother Nature’s store cupboard in food technology or enjoying the splendour of nature during our annual Wild Week. At Malvern, we savour the simple pleasures and the beauty that surrounds us!

Keep learning

Lifelong learning is at the bedrock of all we do at Malvern. Our colleagues understand themselves to be learners. As such, coaching is integral to the continuing professional development of staff. This makes our adults excellent role models to children. We are unafraid of making mistakes, safe in the understanding that we learn from experience. We know that, when things are challenging, we are learning! Additionally, our children have the opportunity to go on field trips (sometimes on a residential basis) where are immersed in new challenges and experiences. Through our developing curriculum passport, we make explicit the wider opportunities we facilitate. Such opportunities promote social agency and the cultural capital that will enable our pupils to be successful in future. By broadening horizons and opening the door to new adventures, we hope our pupils will leave us the very best version of themselves and ready for the challenges of secondary school.


At Malvern, we advocate being kind with your time and generous in your efforts. As a school, we seek opportunities to champion local and national charities. We work with the local food bank and have visited them several times to drop off donations and learn how the food bank offers a safety net to our community. Recently, Malvern held a ‘Virtual Bake Off’. Many families donated money to MacMillan Cancer Support and raised awareness for this worthy cause. Every year we get involved with many events including Children In Need, Comic Relief, Sports Relief and Christmas Jumper Day. Supporting such causes helps us to appreciate what we have and to be grateful.

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