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At Malvern, we have an unwavering ambition for improving health, reducing obesity and promoting wellbeing in our community.  We believe that good health and wellbeing is the foundation that underpins and scaffolds future prosperity. As a community primary school, we understand our role in improving health and access to sporting opportunities within our community. We are proud of the fantastic relationships we have cultivated with local community sports groups. Such groups include:

Malvern Shokotan Karate 

At Malvern, we made the decision to invest significantly in providing all pupils with a full academic year of Karate tuition with Malvern Shotokan Karate club when they join us in reception. It is our hope that a full year of sustained practise will ignite passions and promote mastery of skills. Pupils at Malvern will have the opportunity to continue to grow their skills via our extensive extra-curricular offer as they move through school. These clubs are open to pupils in all year groups of school as well as the local community. The club will also provide ASC friendly sessions in line with our inclusivity ambitions. Over the last 40 years, the club has produced many National, European and World Champions and there is great potential for our pupils.  

Liverpool Football Club Foundation 

Liverpool Football Club offer lunchtime session for pupils at Malvern as well as providing bespoke and ongoing coaching and support for teachers at Malvern in the delivery of the Complete PE curriculum.

Dance Depot 

Dance Depot are a community dance group making use of the school facilities of an evening and at weekend. Open to the wider community, this group promotes inclusivity and freedom of movement for all age groups. 

Mersey Mavericks Basketball 

Mersey Mavericks are a local basketball club. Their aim is to encourage young people of all ages to participate in recreational basketball.  We are keen to nurture this relationship to include the proportion of pupils at Malvern choosing to play basketball during break and lunch times.

Table Tennis England 

Malvern are partnered with TTE to provide TT Kidz tuition and engage pupils in table tennis. Open to pupils across KS2, this initative introduces pupils to a sport that is not covered by the National Curriculum Programmes of Study within the primary setting.    

Portico Vine Rugby League Club 

Portico Vine is a community rugby league club who have supported Malvern in diversifying our invasion games offer as a school. By raising the profile of the sport, we have increased the proportion of pupils playing the sport recreationally out of school.  

Whitefield Cricket Club 

Located at Court Hey Park, Whitefield Cricket Club are one of our closest links. Many pupils at Malvern have taken up opportunities offered by the club, including their Dynamo and All Star initiatives. Pupil voice indicates that pupils at Malvern are thriving in the sport. Whitefield Cricket Club were also able to make introductions to Lancashire Cricket club, who subsequently delivered coaching in years three and five. 

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