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Respect and Tolerance

At Malvern we celebrate difference as an opportunity to learn and grow. This means we embrace opportunities to  explore and understand different cultures and beliefs from all over the world. Colleagues believe is it important for  pupils to have a well-rounded understanding of different world religions, as well as the opportunity to meet people of different faiths and visit local places of worship. In doing this, we believe that we are preparing pupils for a future where technological advances will make the world a ‘smaller place’. 

Our RE lessons provided creative and meaningful experiences that bring stories of faith to life, and give our pupils the opportunity to question their own beliefs and values. Our creative RE curriculum incorporates drama, art, music, food-tasting and a number of trips and visits, to really make Religious Education come alive for our pupils!


Reception have enjoyed celebrating Diwali and Chinese New Year. Their favourite part was trying lots of new foods! The children were eager to use their knowledge of the festivals to make rangoli patterns, dragon masks and chinese lanterns. 

Year 2 Trip to Liverpool Ganesh Temple 

Year 2 enjoyed a trip to Liverpool Ganesh Temple as part of their RE work on Hinduism. They enjoyed exploring the temple, taking part in prayer, and learning all about the different Hindu Gods. They also had the chance to have Kum Kum powder applied to their foreheads. Kum Kum powder is a powder used for social and religious markings in India.

Year 2 trip to Bethel Church

Last week, Year 2 children visited Bethel church to enjoy a wonderful ‘Christmas Journey’ experience. The interactive story was an exciting way of retelling the stories of Jesus and got us all in the festive spirit. A big thank you and Merry Christmas to Josh and the team and Bethel church.

Year 3 Sikh workshop

As part of their RE learning, Year 3 children have been understanding all about the Sikh religion. To celebrate this, the children took part in a Sikh workshop where they were got to experience the use of drums, the five Ks, dressing up in exotic, majestic and religious costumes, as well as having beautiful and symbolic face paint. Throughout this whole experience, the children were immersed in a full display of Sikh template artefacts symbols. It was such an exciting and wonderful opportunity and experience for the children.

Year 4 Buddhism Workshop

Year 4 had a fantastic Buddhism experience day, where they got to speak to someone who had lived as a Buddhist monk! They dressed up as characters from the Buddha’s life, and acted out his sacred story from Prince to holy man.

The children were invited to have Buddhist symbols painted on their faces, and got to see and handle various Buddhist artefacts from a real Vihara. 

Year 6 trip to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

On Tuesday, year 6 visited Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. This extraordinary church is the largest Catholic cathedral in England, and plays an important part in the life of the City of Liverpool. The children explored the church’s art, history, music and Christmas decorations by completing a treasure trail, solving clues to reveal a secret message! The children were fantastic role models for our school and had and had a brilliant time.


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