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NumBots is all about every child achieving the “triple win” of understanding, recall and fluency in mental addition and subtraction, so that they move from counting to calculating.

Similar to TTRS, it advocates…

  • So that children can solve more complex problems, NumBots’ intelligent practice methodology focuses on automatic recall of number facts as well as developing conceptual understanding.
  • By carefully layering up comprehension, our learners maintain confidence and are primed to learn the next concept.

Pupils choose their own Bot before launching into ‘Story’ and ‘Challenge’ modes, where an algorithm takes care of their learning. They can create characters and let their imaginations run wild. The children visit the custom shack where they spend their in-game earnings to create their very own robot avatars.

With a huge selection of characters to choose between – from pirates to angels, dragonflies to ninjas – every child will be motivated to construct their dream robot. Regularly adding new characters to the shack encourages children to continue playing to earn coins, so that they can upgrade to the latest characters!

For most effective practice we suggest playing for at least 3 minutes a day, 4 or 5 times a week – at home or at school.

As they progress, pupils collect achievement badges and unlock hundreds of new levels and challenges. Tables and charts enable teachers to keep track of progress and usage at a class and individual level. Whilst printable leader boards and auto-populated certificates allow you to recognise and celebrate pupils’ achievements in school.

In the Story Mode they will also discover parts, helping RustyBot upgrade from Rust to Diamond – so he can shine inside and out.

Becoming 1st Class at number

1stClass@Number is a small group intervention for children delivered by our highly skilled Teaching Assistants.


  • offers children a rich and varied learning experience
  • lessons are engaging, active and fun and include a wide range
  • of games and practical activities
  • aims to promote a solid basis and effective learning opportunity for all children to succeed in mathematics.

It includes interactive and easily accessible sessions which are tailored to the children’s needs. The sessions are a fun and engaging way of learning. Children sometimes get ‘special deliveries’ sent home where they can share their games and learning with parents.

Three programmes are available to our children at Malvern:

Becoming 1st Class@Number- for children who need further support to secure the Early Learning Goal for Number.

1stClass@Number 1 – for children who need further support at the level of the Year 1 curriculum. 

1stClass@Number 2 – for children who need further support at the level of the Year 2 curriculum.

See an example of a becoming 1st class at number lesson here

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