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Power Maths

Power Maths is a  mastery programme created in partnership with White Rose Maths and recommended by the DfEIt is designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help you nurture confidence in maths. It is a resource based on research and extensive experience of teaching and learning around the world and here in the UK. It has been designed to support and challenge all pupils, and is built on the belief that EVERYONE can learn maths successfully. At Malvern, we believe all children can succeed.   

It is built on world-class unique mastery teaching model created by leading educational experts from the UK and China. It advocated an enriched approached that cleverly combines interactive teaching tools, quality textbooks and ongoing professional development.

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Power Maths | Primary Curriculum (

Rich, high-quality textbooks provide a coherent structure through the curriculum and support all children on their journey towards deeper understanding. Intelligent practice builds conceptual understanding step by step, with opportunities to reason and go deeper.

For each year group, there are 3 pupil books and 3 text books designed to be completed during each if the terms.

Text book A = Autumn term

Text book B= Spring term

Text book C= Summer term

The Power Maths Pupil Textbooks provide a coherent structure through the curriculum and support children on their journey to deeper understanding. The textbooks set out the core learning objectives for the whole class.  ‘Discover’, ‘Share’ and ‘Think Together’ sections help promote discussion and ensure mathematical ideas are introduced to children in a logical way to support conceptual understanding.

The Power Maths Pupil Practice Books provide just the right amount of intelligent practice for children to complete independently in the final section of the lesson.  The practice questions are for everyone – each question varies one small element to move children on in their thinking. All practice questions are carefully developed to reveal misconceptions.

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Power Maths Programme guide (

An essential concept underpinning maths mastery is the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach which highlights the need to provide children with concrete manipulatives. At Malvern, we incorporate essential manipulatives that will support and enhance teaching of Power Maths.


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