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Malvern School recognises the important role that is played by primary schools in enabling children to have high aspirations about their future.

As a school, we endeavour to provide children with a range of meaningful experiences, visits and visitors to teach them about the world of work. We hope that these experiences will help pupils build the necessary skills to help them succeed in life.

Our aims are to:

  • To develop and encourage a sense of ambition towards a future career
  • To challenge all forms of stereotype and preconceptions
  • To increase knowledge of post 11 and post 16 education and career choices
  • To understand the basic skills and attitudes needed to be successful in the world of work, and provide experiences of meaningful interaction with the world of work

During the spring term, we participate in National Careers Week (NCW), and careers education in school is celebrated. At this time, visitors are invited into school to talk to the children about their professions and job roles. 

We try to ensure that children are given a wide range of experiences to help them think about their future. By the end of 2024, we hope that all children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will have created a digital CV. This document can be built on as pupils move through  school, allowing learners to have a clear idea of their individual strengths and weaknesses as they enter secondary education.

If you can offer your expertise in any field of employment, and are willing to come into school to speak to pupils about your role, please contact the school office. 

Why career-related learning is important? 

Research shows us that starting career-related learning early is important. Pupils can begin to adopt stereotypes based on gender, ethnicity and social background from an early age. Such stereotypes can go on to influence career and subject choices. As a school, we understand our important role in challenging such stereotypes. We do this by embedding career-related learning into the curriculum in order to broaden aspirations. Career-related learning in primary schools is not about setting pupils down a specific path, but ensuring they understand that there are many options open to them. 

What research underpins early career education?

Knowsley Aspirations Programme

At Malvern, year five pupils took part in the Knowsley Aspirations Programme. Our fantastic visitor, Joe from Career Connect, taught the children all about higher education, steps to succeed and about being your best self. The children thought hard about their goals, their role models and what they might want to do later on in their education journey. Year 5 came away from the workshop with a better understanding of what options they have and how they can achieve their full potential. A big thank you to Joe for delivering the great sessions!

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