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Year Six

CSI bloodspatters 

The children looked at how blood spatters evidence and use of forensics can help reconstruct the events that took place at a crime scene. They discovered if the victim is indeed innocent, using a range of pupil led investigations.

Matt Brown – Author Visit 

 During the autumn term, Year 6 were lucky enough to win a virtual visit from author, Matt Brown, celebrating the release of his new book ‘Kevin the Vampire’. Children had the opportunity to hear Matt read from his book, followed by a discussion about his inspiration for the book. Year 6 were surprised to hear that character names were inspired by Matt’s pets! To conclude the visit, children were given the opportunity to ask Matt questions about his journey of becoming an author. This was a wonderful opportunity for our children and Matt certainly inspired many budding authors! 

We’ll Meet Again – World War Two Experience Day 

 To conclude learning in the autumn term, Year 6 students had an immersive experience  learning about World War II for their learning expedition ‘We’ll Meet Again’. In the morning, they interacted with an Air Raid Warden, exploring life on the Home Front, handling artefacts and learning to treat bomb casualties. They practiced bandaging injuries and using stretchers. 

In the afternoon, the children had the opportunity to see military weapons, uniforms and artefacts as the warden transformed into a soldier. They even had a hands-on experience using water pumps to extinguish ‘incendiary bomb fires.’ It was a fascinating and educational day for all. 

Year 6 trip to the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

On Tuesday, year 6 visited Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. This extraordinary church is the largest Catholic cathedral in England, and plays an important part in the life of the City of Liverpool. The children explored the church’s art, history, music and Christmas decorations by completing a treasure trail, solving clues to reveal a secret message! The children were fantastic role models for our school and had and had a brilliant time.

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