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Year Five

Synagogue Visit

Throughout the spring term, Year 5 were learning all about the Jewish faith. To enhance their learning, Year 5 were lucky to visit to Childwall Synagogue. Here, children deepened their understanding on Judaism and the celebrations of Passover and Hanukkah. Children also explored the differences in celebrations at New Year and Christmas.

Year five –  Colourful Candels 

The colourful candle workshop introduced Heat, Light and Chemical Energy. the children learn about hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. The children investigated why the candles burn and different energy sources. The children looked at what respiration and candles have in common. What are high energy materials? Why do we need to make candles out of high energy materials?  Every child made a candle to take home. The children investigated why the candles burn and different energy sources. The children looked at what respiration and candles have in common. What are high energy materials? Why do we need to make candles out of high energy materials?  Every child made a candle to take home.

Tudor Experience Day

Year 5 pupils were provided an amazing experience as they travelled back in time to the Tudor era. The children were able to immerse themselves in various activities and get a glimpse of what life was like during this fascinating period. 

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity for the children to explore what a typical Tudor school day would have been like. They were given quill pens and ink pots to try writing in the traditional Tudor style.

In addition to experiencing Tudor school life, the children also had the chance to experience a Tudor banquet. They were treated to a feast fit for royalty, minus the food of course, with true Tudor plates, Goblets, Chester’s, Jugglers, Servants and Minstrels. The children were particularly curious about the Tudor dining etiquette.

Children also delved into the world of Tudor medicine and remedies. They discovered the many strange – and sometimes amusing – cures that were used during the period. From bloodletting to herbal concoctions, the children were astounded at how different medical practices were in Tudor times. They also had the chance to meet a “plague doctor” who explained the precautions and remedies used during the devastating outbreaks of the plague. 

To conclude the day, we gathered in the school hall to watch a small performance of a Tudor play. We witnessed the drama, wit, and grandeur of Tudor theatre, as the actors’ recreated scenes from Francis Drake’s travels around the globe. The costumes, the language, and the passion on stage transported us back to Elizabethan England, leaving us in awe of the talent and creativity of the Tudor playwrights. 

This immersive Tudor Day was an exceptional learning experience for the Year 5 children. It enhanced their understanding of the Tudor period by enabling them to actively participate in various aspects of Tudor life. By engaging in hands-on activities, the children were able to develop a deeper appreciation for the historical context they were learning about. This allowed children to foster a love for history and a desire to explore further.

World Museum Liverpool 

At the end of autumn term, Year 5 children had the wonderful opportunity to visit the World Museum in Liverpool to conclude learning of Walk Like An Egyptian and as an introduction to Sky At Night. Here, the children were able to view the collection of mummies that had been discovered in Egypt, enabling children to understand the process of mumification. Following this, children were able to look at a range of pottery, bowls, cups and other artefacts that had been discovered by archaeologists.   

After exploring life in Ancient Egypt, children explored a range of space exploration items. This allowed children to begin thinking about what it would be like to travel to space as an astronaut and how planets may compare to our own. 

Wonder Dome 

Year 5 were blasted off into the universe as they concluded their leaning of Sky At Night with a visit from the Wonder Dome. Children had the opportunity to view a 3D presentation of our solar system , identifying what the surface of planets looked like and how they compared to our own planet Earth. Children were able to discuss the possibility of life on other planets and were fascinated to learn how some planets are even covered in diamonds!    

Knowsley Aspirations Programme  

In the autumn term, Year 5 were provided the amazing opportunity to take part in the Knowsley Aspirations Programme. Our fantastic visitor, Joe from Career Connect, taught the children all about higher education, steps to succeed and about being your best self. The children thought hard about their goals, their role models and what they might want to do later on in their education journey. Year 5 came away from the workshop with a better understanding of what options they have and how they can achieve their full potential. A big thank you to Joe for delivering the great sessions!    

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