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Year One

LE Memory Makers

As part of our Year 1 LE Memory Makers we have been learning about toys from the past and today we went to Swanside to speak to the members of our community at their afternoon tea to talk about games they played when they were children and how they have changed throughout the years.  We sang songs and had a dance with John whilst he sang some songs to us.  We also played games such as ludo, dominoes, snakes and ladders before giving them our pop-up cards we had made in DT.  We all had a great time.

Will it Float?

Why do some things float? The children learned about the properties of every day items. What does and does not float? How do up thrust, buoyancy, and forces help?


This term in Year 1 we have been learning all about Brazil in our Carnival Learning Expedition.  We have been looking at all of the different aspects of Brazil in particular Rio. As part of our Carnival LE we have been lucky enough to learn about samba dancing with our Year 6 pupil Sophia Morton who is a dance champion in Latin and Samba.  Sophia held a samba dance lesson with us all and we all really enjoyed learning all of the different samba steps and dancing to the samba music.

Mary Anning Workshop

The children took part in a hybrid role play / dance workshop about the life of Mary Anning.

We went on a walk through a small woodland. We investigated the trees and leaves. We identified deciduous and evergreen trees and hugged our favourite tree. We played some woodland games and enjoyed spending time forest bathing.

Year 1 have undertaken some simple fieldwork using their observational skills to explore the human and physical features of our school grounds as part of our Chasing Space Learning Expedition.

To celebrate the end of this term’s learning expedition ‘Into the woods’, Year 1 took part in a Teddy bear picnic. The sunshine came out just in time to play some teddy bear games and have treats, with our friends, on the playground. The children really enjoyed their experiences, and we think the Teddy bears did too.

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