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Year Three

Year three –  Massive Magnets 

The children investigated the Earth’s amazing magnetic field. They explored the properties of magnets, plotted their flux patterns and behaviours. The children focused on magnets, magnetic fields and materials and the role of magnets in travel. Why does the earth have a magnetic field? What is the journey of a flux line in a bar magnet? Can a magnet create a force? What role did lodestones play in navigation before compasses were invented? After children explored these questions every pupil made their own compass to experiment with. 

Exploring and making mechanisms

Year 3 have been busy exploring and making mechanisms and circuits to create a persuasive poster.  Take a lot at some of our posters.

Investigating and understanding the properties of magnets

Year 3 had a fabulous time investigating and understanding the properties of magnets. They were able to understand how they work and enjoyed many fun activities.

Sikh workshop

As part of their RE learning, Year 3 children have been understanding all about the Sikh religion. To celebrate this, the children took part in a Sikh workshop where they were got to experience the use of drums, the five Ks, dressing up in exotic, majestic and religious costumes, as well as having beautiful and symbolic face paint. Throughout this whole experience, the children were immersed in a full display of Sikh template artefacts symbols. It was such an exciting and wonderful opportunity and experience for the children.

There are Places I’ll Remember

As part of their topic (There are Places I’ll Remember) Year 3 have been learning about The Atlantic Slave Trade and the growth of Liverpool as a city.  To deepen their understanding, the children spent a morning in Liverpool’s Slavery museum where they studied artefacts,  learnt more about the slave trade and  developed their understanding of Liverpool’s development into a port.    Whilst in Liverpool, the children visited a variety of sites and discussed key architecture around the Albert Dock.  The children also enjoyed a  delicious meal in Smuggler’s Cove and rounded off the day by visiting roads with links to the slave trade. The children’s favourite road was dedicated to the brave and courageous William Roscoe, who  fought for the abolition of slavery and the unfair treatment of fellow humans.


Year 3 students have been immersed in the technique of pointillism, exploring its intricacies while crafting their own masterpieces. In alignment with our current study focusing on the vibrant city of Liverpool, they have meticulously recreated the city’s iconic skyline using this distinctive artistic approach.

Stone Age Workshop

Year 3 children took part in a Stone Age workshop – learning and enhancing their understanding of prehistoric Britian. They took part in role play – understanding how the development of farming, housing and lifestyle changed over time, as well developing their own team building skills. ‘It was so much fun – I loved it!”

As part of their Palaeontology Day, children in Y3 were able to identify different types of rocks, sorting them into different groups according to their properties as well as understanding friction and erosion of rocks. The children also looked at different types of soils and undertook an investigation about fair testing.

Over the last half term, we have spent two weeks developing a very important life skill by going swimming at the Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park. The children were incredibly determined and committed to developing their skills and showed get swimming abilities throughout.


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