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Year Two

Trip to Liverpool Ganesh Temple

Year 2 enjoyed a trip to Liverpool Ganesh Temple as part of their RE work on Hinduism. They enjoyed exploring the temple, taking part in prayer, and learning all about the different Hindu Gods. They also had the chance to have Kum Kum powder applied to their foreheads. Kum Kum powder is a powder used for social and religious markings in India. 

Trip on the Mersey Ferry

As part of our Splendid Structures Learning Expedition, Year 2 children are learning about landmarks from around the world, including famous landmarks of Liverpool. We visited the Liverpool Pier Head and enjoyed a 50-minute River Explorer Cruise on the world-famous Mersey Ferry. The children sketched the incredible views of Liverpool water front and listened to an on-board commentary about the history of various landmarks.

Year 2 trip to Bethel Church

Last week, Year 2 children visited Bethel church to enjoy a wonderful ‘Christmas Journey’ experience. The interactive story was an exciting way of retelling the stories of Jesus and got us all in the festive spirit. A big thank you and Merry Christmas to Josh and the team and Bethel church.

Trip to Imagine That Science and Discovery Centre

Year 2 went on a trip to Imagine That Science and Discovery Centre as part of our learning expedition ‘Marvellous Mixtures’. They enjoyed taking part in lots of different workshops to deepen their understanding of materials and their properties. 

Activities included investigating the different areas in the village such as the Pizza Parlour, newsroom, theatre, shop and pet store. They also had the opportunity to explore the Science area and all of its games and gadgets. The children enjoyed designing and painting their own magnet which they got to take home with them. In the afternoon the children investigated bubbles and made their own slime. They also had the chance to play in giant pots of slime. 

Fire Brigade visit

To celebrate the end of our Autumn term Learning Expedition ‘Fire, Fire’, Year 2 children had a visit from the local Fire Brigade. They explored inside the Fire Engine, tried on some of their protective equipment and used the powerful hoses. The children asked the Fire Fighters lots of questions and even told them some facts about the Great Fire of London too!  

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