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Year 6 Vibe Award

Moel Famau Hike

To start their journey on the Purple Lord Derby Award, Year 6 demonstrated their resilience and team work as they set off on a hike up Moel Famau. Despite being a challenging endeavor, our children showed great determination as they supported one another to reach their final goal and make it to the top of Moel Famau. Throughout the day, Year 6 were able to demonstrate their kindness to themselves and one another, offering words of encouragement. We ae immensely proud of our children for making their first step in achieving their Purple Award.

Water Sports – Rafting and Kayaking

To continue with their Lord Derby Award, Year 6 were daring in their endeavors as they participated in water sport activities at Taylor Park. Despite the cold conditions and battering winds, Year 6 were determined to succeed and demonstrated the ability to face challenges head on, even when there may be obstacles in the way. Our children had the opportunity to kayak and raft, embedding their previously learnt water skills. A brilliant time was had by all our children!

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