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Yr 3 Vibe Award

On the latest part of our wonderful and exciting Lord Derby Award trips we visited the beautifully designed Birkenhead Park (this park was used as inspiration for Central Park in New York) and participated in a range of orienteering tasks.

We spent our time walking through nature and spotting a range of different wildlife. We used maps to locate key features and visit different aspects of the park. 

We had a great time and lots of fun- even the weather was good! 

As part of their Lord Derby Purple Award, Year 3 Children were invited to spend the day at Birkenhead Park Throughout the day, the children were able to develop their skills in many areas, including team building, collaboration as well as orienteering around the park. The children really enjoyed broadening their understanding and knowledge of the outside world. 

Year 3 went on a wonderful trip to Taylor Park and partook in a number of fun and skill building tasks such as fire building, team games and archery. It was such a great opportunity that allowed us to have fun outdoors as a year group.

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