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Yr 5 Yellow Award

Raft Building

In the first stage of the Yellow Lord Derby Award, Year 5 children participated in building rafts and sailing on them in Taylor Park. The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity as it allowed them to work closely as a team to build the best raft possible, developing new skills such required such as knots and lashings. Children further built up the courage to take them out on the lake, after a few minor dips, Year 5 were off rowing as a team and reaching the end point. 

Climbing and Abseiling

Continuing the Yellow Lord Derby Award, children were provided the opportunity to climb and abseil in an indoor environment. For many children, this was a new experience  developing new skills. Children were pushing themselves beyond their limits in a daring endeavour, demonstrating their resilience. With such a challenging task, children were able to offer each other words of encouragement, supporting their friends to achieve their goals.

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