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At Malvern, we use coaching to support each other to clarify our ambitions for the future. To do this, we consider the current situation, taking into account research and the experiences of others. We harvest ideas and options  before moving forward, taking personal responsibility for next steps.​

We use carefully constructed questioning to encourage each other to think deeply in search of solutions. We talk less and listen more, using coaching protocols to guide each other forwards. ​

At Malvern, we actively seek feedback, understanding mistakes are an opportunity to reflect, reformulate and retry. We learn from setbacks and are unafraid of challenge. ​ ​

Leaders at Malvern Primary School have the humility to understand that they do not have all of the answers. Leaders believe that, by harnessing the potential of the wider team through cooperation and shared endeavour, goal success rate can be maximised​

Coaching can be used by colleagues AND learners to create a powerful learning environment. John Hattie (Professor of Education, Melbourne University) emphasises the effectiveness of coaching culture through an evidence-based approach detailed in the EEF toolkit.

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