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JLT Impact

Junior Leadership Team’s Impact at Malvern School 

At Malvern School, we take immense pride in nurturing leadership skills among our students and empowering them to make a real difference in our school community. Our Junior Leadership Team (JLT) plays a pivotal role in shaping the student voice and advocating for positive changes. 

Proposing Change 

Our JLT members are not only leaders within our school but also change-makers. They regularly attend Governors’ Buildings and Health & Safety Committee Meetings, where they outline their proposals to the governing board. These proposals are born out of a deep understanding of our school’s needs and a genuine desire to make Malvern a better place for learning and growth. 

Successful Initiatives 

Over the years, our Junior Leadership Team has been instrumental in spearheading several initiatives that have significantly improved our school environment. Some of these initiatives include: 

Toilet Upgrades 2020: One of the early initiatives stemmed from the children’s concerns about the condition of our school toilets. JLT members believed that the toilets were not up to a suitable standard and their proposal for improvements was heard and acted upon. As a result, new and improved toilets were installed across the school, ensuring a higher level of hygiene and comfort. 

To address this issue comprehensively, JLT representatives met with members of the governing board, and together, they implemented a replacement program with associated finance. This collaborative effort laid the groundwork for a complete refurbishment and relocation of all toilet areas across the school.  As a result of their combined efforts, new and improved toilets were installed across the school. These upgraded facilities ensured a significantly higher level of hygiene and comfort for all students. The JLT’s dedication to improving this essential aspect of our school environment made a remarkable difference in the daily lives of our students. 

School Meals Enhancement 2021: The JLT’s commitment to improving the school experience extended to school meals.  Representatives from the JLT didn’t stop at advocating for positive changes in our school environment; they also engaged in fruitful discussions with our dedicated catering team. Together, they discussed new menu options and explored ways to improve the quality and nutritional value of the meals served to our students. 

They successfully advocated for the addition of a salad bar, providing alternative healthy snacks to all children throughout the year. This includes options like sandwiches, salads and soups, promoting nutritious and diverse food choices.  Recognising the importance of hydration and a balanced diet, the JLT requested the installation of a new drinks machine. This machine provides refreshing and colder beverage options during lunchtime, further enhancing the dining experience and helping students stay hydrated throughout the day. 

The JLT’s efforts in enhancing school meals reflect our commitment to nurturing leadership skills and fostering a sense of responsibility among our students. Their contributions have not only transformed our dining options but also encouraged students to make informed, nutritious choices. 

Increased Bike Storage 2021 – A Safer and Eco-Friendly Vision 

The JLT was keen to increase the availability of bike storage to promote safer and more environmentally friendly transportation options. However, they also identified the potential dangers associated with children riding their bikes and scooters across the playground. To address these concerns, the JLT’s advocacy led to the creation of a new bike storage area situated at the entrance to the school. This initiative not only made it easier for students to ride their bikes and scooters to school but also eliminated the risks associated with navigating them through the playground.  The JLT’s dedication to promoting eco-friendly transportation options and ensuring the safety of our students resulted in the establishment of this new bike storage area. Their vision and commitment have made it simpler and safer for our students to choose eco-friendly modes of transport, contributing to a greener and more sustainable school environment. 

Playground Redevelopment 2022: The redevelopment of the school playground area was another ambitious project initiated by the JLT. The goal was to create a more dynamic and engaging outdoor space for our students. Members of the JLT held meetings with our sports and PE lead, working together to identify and procure new resources to be incorporated on the school playground. This endeavour resulted in the addition of new equipment, suitable storage and equipment trolleys, ensuring that a wider range of resources are available to students throughout the school day. The JLT also met with representatives from Knowsley Council to discuss playground markings and enhancements. This productive dialogue led to the introduction of a new daily mile track, as well as the incorporation of fresh playground activities and markings designed to elevate the overall play experience for our students.  Their vision and commitment led to the transformation of our playground into an exciting and inspiring environment for play and learning. 

The dedication and vision of the JLT were the driving forces behind the transformation of our school playground. What was once a typical play area has now become a place where students can not only have fun but also engage in active learning, physical fitness and creative play. 

Outdoor Classroom 2023: Recognising the value of outdoor learning spaces, the JLT proposed the installation of a new outdoor classroom. This addition has created valuable opportunities for students to engage with the curriculum in a unique and inspiring setting. 

Pathway Enhancement 2023: The JLT also identified a need to improve the pathway where children wait to enter school. This area was often crowded and resulted in muddy shoes due to standing on the grass. Their proposal led to the expansion of the path, creating a safer and cleaner waiting area for students. 

We are immensely proud of the achievements of our Junior Leadership Team. The initiatives they proposed and championed have led to tangible improvements in our school. To demonstrate the impact of their actions, we have included before and after photographs, showcasing the remarkable transformations brought about by their dedication and leadership. 

The work of our Junior Leadership Team serves as an inspiration for all students, highlighting the importance of speaking up, advocating for change and working together to create a better school community. Their accomplishments reinforce our commitment to nurturing leadership skills and fostering a sense of responsibility among our students. 

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