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Malvern Prefects: Exemplifying Our Values 

At Malvern School, we hold our values dear, and one way we celebrate these values is through our Year 6 prefects. Prefects at Malvern are not just any students; they are exceptional role models who embody the very essence of our core values.  

At Malvern, we believe in nurturing our students to help them become the best versions of themselves. Our teachers recognise the unique talents, skills, and character attributes of each child, and these qualities are celebrated throughout their educational journey. Prefects are those who thrive on challenge and actively seek opportunities to learn, grow and understand. They demonstrate resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity and have honed their critical reasoning skills to think innovatively and creatively. Prefects are encouraged to overcome obstacles and acknowledge their own successes, setting an example for all students. 

At Malvern, we dare to dream big, setting goals that stretch our potential to the fullest. Our prefects exemplify this spirit, believing that anything is possible with determination and hard work. They understand that while great things may be challenging, they are always within reach. 

Integrity is a core value at Malvern, and our prefects exemplify this by consistently making good decisions and doing the right thing, even when it’s not easy. They embrace mistakes as opportunities for reflection, reformulation and growth. Prefects understand the value of picking themselves up and starting anew each day, not dwelling on setbacks. 

Being of service to the community and helping others is a hallmark of our prefects. They exemplify kindness by extending a helping hand to themselves, their peers, and the planet. Prefects lead by example, showcasing the importance of empathy and compassion. 

The Prefect Journey 

To become a prefect at Malvern, students must consistently demonstrate our core values, have excellent attendance and actively participate in the wider life of the school. Prefects are selected not just for their academic achievements but for their embodiment of the principles that Malvern holds dear. 

The journey of a Malvern prefect is one of responsibility, leadership and commitment to nurturing a school culture that celebrates kindness, integrity and academic excellence. These exceptional students serve as role models and inspire their peers to follow in their footsteps, contributing to a thriving school community. 

At Malvern School, we are immensely proud of our prefects and the values they represent. They exemplify the best of our school and embody the principles that we hold dear.  

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