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CLC Computing sessions

Our school is fortunate to have invaluable support in delivering the Computing curriculum from Knowsley council’s City Learning Centre (CLC). The Computing experts at the CLC bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, ensuring that our students receive high-quality education in this vital field of Computing. With their guidance, our educators can stay updated on the latest trends and technologies, adapt their teaching methods effectively, and provide students with a comprehensive and enriching computing education. This support not only enhances the quality of our curriculum but also inspires and empowers our students to excel in the world of technology.

Year 3

Pupils developed their Information Technology skills, learning the foundations of E-book creation. 

Year 4 

Children in Year 4 explored the Book Creator app, combining various fonts, images and transitions to produce their own informative presentations.

Year 5

Students were able to develop their presentational skills using Apple’s Keynote app, to create their own interactive information packs all about the Ancient Egyptians.

Year 6

As well honing their abilities around Keynote presentations, pupils were also able to experience the collaborative powers of Nearpod software, showcasing their knowledge of WW2.

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