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Year 2 D.T Projects

Fire Fire!

Year 2 children designed and created their own glove puppets of animals displaced by forest fires. Children made a range of animals including koala bear, dart frogs, whistling kites, dunnarts, spider monkeys and kangaroos. Once their products were complete, the children then sold their puppets to raise money for charity and adopted their very own animal.

Our design criteria stated they had to:

  • fit on the users hand
  • be of the appearance of a displaced animal
  • be flexible/functional

When making products, children experimented with different joining techniques to join together 2 pieces of felt. They tried stapling one side, using a safety pin on the other, sewing one side and using pva glue to stick the final side. They discovered sewing and stapling the felt was very effective, but that the pva glue didn’t stick the felt together very well.

Splendid Structures

During the spring term, Year 2 enjoyed working in groups to create their own Splendid Structures after learning about many different structure types that architects design.

Their design brief stated that:

  • The structure must be made from mostly recyclable materials
  • It must be freestanding
  • It must be made using at least 3 different types of joins
  • It must reflect the local community
  • It must be at least 60cm tall

We are sure you will agree that Year 2 produced impressive structures!

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