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Year 6 D.T Projects

Evacuee Suitcases

Within the autumn term, Year 6 worked in teams to design, make and evaluate suitcases that evacuees may use during World War 2. The children first designed their suitcase, considering an appropriate size and shape. This was then followed by the children making a prototype to ensure their measuring skills were accurate. When making the final product, children measured and cut wood using a range of tools, carefully considering their joining techniques to fix together. Finally, the children added their finishing touches including a locking mechanism and handle.

Maya Weaving

Through learning about the Maya, Year 6 were introduced to the skill of weaving and how the ancient tradition is still being upheld in modern day Mexico. Children explored how designer Cecilia Leon De Barra uses traditional weaving skills in modern day products. Using recyclable and sustainable materials, the children then weaved their own coasters using a range of weaving techniques.

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