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Schools Football Week

Let’s support even more pupils to enjoy the benefits of schools’ football

Schools’ Football Week is an ongoing English Schools’ Football Association initiative designed as an opportunity for schools, teams and clubs from across the country to embrace schools’ football and the wellbeing benefits it provides to pupils and players. It celebrates the importance of schools’ football, competitive or otherwise, to pupils across England and provides teachers and coaches with tools and a motivation to further discuss the benefits of schools’ football within their educational environment.

At Malvern Primary School, we eagerly anticipate Schools’ Football Week as an exciting opportunity to celebrate the beautiful game and all that it represents. It’s a week filled with enthusiasm, camaraderie, and a deep appreciation for the sport of football.

During Schools’ Football Week, our school comes alive with activities and events that bring students, teachers, and parents together in the spirit of football. Here’s a glimpse of how we celebrate this special week:

  1. Malsal Tournament: The centerpiece of our celebrations is the Malsal tournament, where students engage in thrilling matches, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport. This competition fosters healthy competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  2. Inter-Class Competitions: Each class holds its own Malsal competition, igniting friendly rivalries and creating an atmosphere of excitement throughout the school. These class-level contests determine the champions of each class, who then proceed to the final showdown.
  3. Award Ceremonies: We take time to honour and recognise outstanding sporting behaviour with the prestigious Mallon d’Or award, a highlight of our Schools’ Football Week. This award underscores the importance of values like respect, fair play, teamwork, and leadership in sports.
  4. Engaging Workshops: Students have the chance to participate in engaging football-themed workshops, where they learn about the history of the sport, its cultural significance and even get hands-on experience with football drills and skills.
  5. Encouraging Active Participation: Schools’ Football Week is not just about competition; it’s about encouraging all students to get involved in the sport. Whether they are beginners or seasoned players, all are welcome to participate and experience the joy of playing football.
  6. Promoting Values: Throughout the week, we emphasise the values that make football a beautiful game: respect, fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship. These values are at the core of our celebrations, and we strive to instil them in our students.
  7. Building Lifelong Memories: Schools’ Football Week is a time when lifelong memories are created. The cheers from the sidelines, the excitement of the matches and the sense of belonging to a vibrant football community are experiences our students carry with them throughout their lives.

At Malvern Primary School, Schools’ Football Week is a cherished tradition that reinforces our commitment to promoting the holistic development of our students. Through this celebration, we aim to instil a love for the sport, impart important life values, and create lasting memories that will stay with our students as they embark on their journeys beyond our school gates.

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