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A love of Writing

At Malvern Primary School, we believe in the joy of writing. Writing can provide countless opportunities for creativity, expression and human connection. As well as promoting ‘writing for pleasure’ in class through activities such as ‘jotter’, we also have several clubs that nurture our pupils’ love of writing.

Penpalling Club

This new club allows our pupils to write letters to children at another school. The children are encouraged to write about their interests and favourite things, but also use their imagination to make their letters creative and exciting! Our penpallers have been using wax seals and stickers to decorate their letters, writing with calligraphy and a typewriter, sharing their favourite jokes and poems, and including other artistic creations such as drawings.


Story-writing Club

At story-writing club, the children were given free rein to write stories of their choice. The children chose a range of different genres, including spooky stories, funny stories, adventure stories and fantasy stories, and let their imaginations run wild! We used the prompt, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if…’ to inspire us to write about something new and exciting, and some of the resulting tales were truly original.

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