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A Love of Netball

At Malvern, we believe in fostering holistic development in our students, and one fantastic avenue for this is through nurturing a love of netball. Netball is a team sport that not only provides physical exercise but also contributes significantly to the overall growth and learning experiences of our children. 

Netball is a dynamic and fast-paced game that engages children in a variety of ways. Through the joy of playing netball, our children develop crucial life skills and values.  

Netball allows children to develop: 

Teamwork: Netball is a team sport that emphasizes collaboration and communication. Players learn to work together towards a common goal, developing a sense of unity and shared responsibility. 

Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential in netball, as players need to convey their intentions to teammates and respond quickly to changes on the court. These communication skills extend beyond the game and into everyday life. 

Physical Fitness: Netball is an excellent way for children to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It promotes cardiovascular fitness, agility, and hand-eye coordination. 

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