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Pecuniary Interests

Name of Governor Date entered Nature of Interest
Graham Morgan 30.9.21 Brother is director of B G Flooring, Leader of the council
Tony James 30.9.21 Sister is the assistant Headteacher
Paul Kynaston 4.11.21 None
Emma Cieslar 30.9.21 Child  in school, Teacher at school in Halton
Claire Bland 30.9.21 Children  in school
Emma Sinnett 30.9.21 Children in school
Matthew Wilson 30.9.21 Daughter in Year 4
Mark Johnson 11.11.21 Joint Owner of KIB Nursery on site of school
Gavin Butterworth 30.9.21 Child  in school, provision of Accounting & payroll at Swanside Community Centre
Jessica Singleton 29.11.21 Children at Malvern,  SEND caseworker for KMBC
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