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Reader of the Week


Every Friday, teachers choose a class Reader of the Week.  This is somebody who has set a fantastic example with their reading. 

The Reader of the Week might have done lots of reading at home or made good progress with their reading or read aloud with confidence.  Or the Reader of the Week might simply have been enthusiastic about books and the joys of reading.  Congratulations to all of our readers of the week.

w/e 15/10/21

George C from 1CB
Hallie from 1LM
Mia R. from 2CW
Isaac from 3NM
Lucy from 4CF
Charlotte from 4PK
Esther from 5ND
Edward from 6JH

w/e 8/10/21

Joey from 1CB
Ruben from 1LM
Evie from 2JOB
Stephen from 2CW
Gabriel from 3NM
Sophie from 4CF
Jacob F. from 4PK

w/e 1/10/21 

Oscar from 1CB
Coby from 1LM
Maisie from 2JOB
Maizie & Buddy from 2CW
Nathaniel from 3NM
Hollie from 4CF
Jessica from 4PK
Brayden from 5ND

w/e 24/9/21

Sienna from 1LM
Amelie from 1CB
Lottie from 3NM
Hallie from 4PK
Ellouise from 5ND

w/e 17/9/21

Elsie from 1CB
Michael from 1LM
Luca from 2JOB
Noah from 2CW
Theo from 3NM
Joshua from 4PK
Charlie from 5ND
George from 6JH
Tillie from 6JB

w/e 10/9/21:

Max from 1LM
James from 1CB
Sarina from 3NM
Bobby from 4PK
Amelia from 5ND

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