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At Malvern, we are nurtured to grow into the very best version of ourselves. Our teachers recognise our unique talents, skills and character attributes and these are celebrated relentlessly throughout our time at school. We thrive on challenge and opportunities to experience and understand. We are resilient, perseverant and able to use our critical reasoning skills to think outside the box. These experiences enable us to overcome obstacles and recognise our own success. We celebrate all that we achieve during our weekly celebration assembly. We have an assortment of awards to ensure that whatever our talent we are all able to experience the exhilaration of success.

The Kindness Award

At Malvern, kindness is one of our core values and we celebrate this each week by awarding the kindness award to a child in school who has demonstrated this value through an act of kindness to a friend, member of the community or to our planet.

Attendee of the Week

Attendee of the Week is awarded each week to a pupil who has made an exceptional effort to return to school following illness or an appointment within the school day. It can also be awarded for improved attendance or consistent outstanding attendance.

Star of the Week

Star of the Week is awarded to children who are daring in their endeavours, set goals and dream big, believing that anything is possible. Children who are awarded Star of the Week have made good decisions and done the right thing, even when this hasn’t been easy.

Reader of the Week

We believe that we should allow all children the time to explore books, giving them the opportunity to find that magic book that turns them into a passionate reader. Reader of the week can be awarded for regular reading at home, good progress with reading, listening attentively during story time each day, enthusiasm about books and reading, book recommendations, progress on Reading Plus or a piece of work inspired by a book.

Writer of the Week

Writing is a craft which we believe all children should have the opportunity to master. Written expression is encouraged and celebrated at Malvern. Our Writer of the week award can be given for an exceptional piece of writing, improved handwriting formation, stamina for writing, creative writing, poetry or passion and enthusiasm about writing.

Musician of the Week

Every week, Mrs Webber selects a ‘Musician of the week’ who has shown amazing effort, skill or progress in music. This person may impress Mrs Webber in their weekly music lessons, during singing assembly, at a music club, during instrument lessons or even by practising music at home.

If you are a creative composer, a passionate performer or you have impressive music knowledge, perhaps the next ‘Musician of the week’ will be you!

TT Rockstar of the Week

We are exceptionally proud of our TT Rockstar progress as a school. We have rocked the charts of England Rocks and NSPCC Rocks. This could not have been done without individuals hard work and dedication. TT Rockstar of the week is awarded to children who have improved their soundcheck score, jamming score or Rockstar status. It can also be given to those who have shown the determination and perseverance to keep improving.


Numbots allows our children to begin mastering their mathematical fluency as soon as they start reception. Each week certificates are awarded to children as they complete the Numbots stages, working towards achieving their gold, platinum and diamond badges. We also celebrate effort and challenge achievements and celebrate these each week.

Reading Plus

The Reading Plus Award is presented weekly to an individual pupil who has continued to demonstrate consistent use of Reading Plus software. This pupil may have significantly increased their reading speed, read an outstanding number of words within the week, completed all their assignments or achieved a number of combos to support levelling up.

Spelling Frame

The Spelling Frame Award is presented weekly to pupils in both Key Stage 1 and 2, who have earnt the most spelling points within the week. These pupils will have accessed the Spelling Frame programme consistently, practising their current and previous spellings using a range of strategies and games to earn points.

Sports Award

Each week we award the sports award to a pupil who has shown outstanding sporting behaviour. It is awarded to those who demonstrate talent and perseverance as well as those who are gracious in defeat and able to celebrate the achievements of their peers alongside their own personal achievements.


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