Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Staff: Miss Brown, Miss Murphy, Mrs Ramsden & Miss Sullivan


Our research projects for this year will be: 

The Enchanted Woodland

Dinosaur Planet

Moon Zoom

Rio De Vida

Memory Box

Paws, Claws & Whiskers

Spring 2- Rio de Vida

This half term the children will be learning all about Brazil and things associated with Brazil, such as carnivals, football, music and rainforests. We are very lucky to have Mrs Hadwin in this half term to teach the children about rhythm and pulse. The children will have the opportunity to listen to some Samba music and then perform their own music while parading through school in carnival style. This topic is also focused on Geography. The children will locate the continents of the world on a map and identify Brazil. They will also have the chance to create their own Brazilian masks/headdresses.

Art- Piet Mondrian

Year 1 have really enjoyed learning about Piet Mondrian and creating their own artwork inspired by him. They have learnt all about line and the primary colours (red, yellow and blue). They created their own artwork by sticking black strips onto paper and painting using the primary colours. Here is some of the artwork created by 1CB.

Spring 1-Moon Zoom

This half term our topic is ‘Moon Zoom’ which is all about Space. The children will learn all about the planets and famous astronauts such as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Yuri Gagarin. They will have the chance to learn all about algorithms in computing. Design and Technology will be a big focus for this topic and the children will have the opportunity to design and create their own moon buggy with a partner.

Here are some of the moon buggies created by 1CB.

Teach Rex visit – 8th November

The children had so much fun meeting ‘Jam’ the dinosaur. In class they got to create their own videos using a green screen. They had to pretend they were in the forest being chased by Jam the t-rex. The children loved watching the finished videos and thought the sound effects were brilliant! Here is Jam.


Dinosaur Planet -Autumn 2

This half term our learning project is ‘Dinosaur Planet’. The children will learn lots of exciting things about dinosaurs as well as having visitors ‘Teach Rex’ in on Thursday 8th November. Teach Rex will do an assembly for all the infants and then spend an hour in each year 1 class doing a dinosaur workshop. During this topic the children will learn to name and identify a range of dinosaurs and learn which dinosaurs are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. The children will also get the chance to make their own dinosaur masks. This topic is focused mainly on history and the children will learn all about fossils and Mary Anning.

Arts week

In September we had a whole school Arts week. Each year group had a different theme and the theme for year 1 was birds. Here is some of year 1’s artwork which has been proudly displayed in the corridor outside the year 1 classrooms.

The Enchanted Woodland -Autumn 1

This half term our topic is ‘The Enchanted Woodland’. The children will learn all about various woodland animals and their individual habitats within the woodland area. They will go on a woodland walk and learn all about evergreen and deciduous trees. This topic is focused on Science and Geography mainly. The children will look at aerial photographs and identify different landmarks and human and physical features. They will also devise their own map of a park. As well as this, they will take part in lots of fun art activities, such as painting woodland animals, making their own woodland animal masks and making their own hedgehog.

Here are some of our hedgehogs we made. To make these we used half of a paper plate. We loved making these and enjoyed showing off our painting and cutting skills.

Here are some of 1CB’s woodland animal masks.


















General Information

P.E in Year 1P.E

We have P.E in Year 1 every week.  It is very important that all children have a full school P.E kit in school every day.  Although we have set days for P.E, on occasions we have extra P.E sessions or our P.E may be moved to an alternative day.

Only the following uniform should be worn for P.E:

  • White T- Shirt
  • Green Shorts
  • Black / Grey Pumps

We also require a winter outdoor kit

  • Black Jogging bottoms
  • Black Sweatshirt
  • Trainers

In Year 1, our P.E days are:

1CB – Monday   1LM – Tuesday



HomeworkIn Year 1, the children are expected to complete a variety of tasks at home.  Our homework timetable is outlined below.  Please be aware, this may change from time to time.

Spellings – Spellings are given out weekly and should be looked at every night.  Our spelling test is on a Friday.

Reading – Children should read every night at home.  A record of your child’s reading should be put into their planner. Reading books will be checked and changed on a regular basis. Please encourage your child to spend some time each week practising the set 1, 2 & 3 Read Write Inc sounds and learning the keywords on page 137 and 138 of their planner.

Learning Logs –  Learning logs are based on the topics completed in class. They are given out at the start of each new topic. You can pick 2 activities to complete and we ask for them to be brought into school to share with the class at the end of the topic.

Children will be given Maths and English homework from time to time. If your child is struggling with any homework given, please let us know.


      Memories from 2017-2018:

Paws, Claws & Whiskers

Summer 2

What a fabulous day we had at Farmer Ted’s. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos!

Splendid Skies – Summer 1

This half term the children will be investigating different kinds of weather. They will learn about the four seasons and the weather and clothing associated with each season. The children will investigate how the length of the day changes according to the seasons. They will learn some new vocabulary such as temperature, thermometer, anemometer and rain gauge. In Geography, the children will learn about the four countries of the UK and their capital cities, and locate these on a map. They will also investigate how our weather compares to the weather in other countries/continents such as Spain and Antarctica. The children will have lots of fun taking some seasonal walks, observing the weather, looking up to the clouds and investigating shadows.

Rio de Vida – Spring 2

This term we will be learning all about Brazil and things associated with Brazil, such as carnivals, football, music and rainforests. We are lucky to have Mrs Hadwin in this half term to teach the children about rhythm and pulse. The children will have the opportunity to listen to some Samba music and do some Samba dancing. This topic is focused on Geography and the children will locate the continents of the world on a map and identify Brazil. We will also look at how Brazil is different to the UK. The children will also make their own Brazilian masks/headdresses and learn what animals are associated with Brazil.

Easter Bonnet & Samba Parade – 27/3/18

What a fabulous day we have had today! We started our day with our Easter bonnet assembly followed by a samba parade through school. The children looked great in their Easter bonnets and Brazilian headdresses/carnival masks.

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World Maths Day – 12/3/18

Class 1CB had so much fun completing lots of different activities for World Maths Day. In PE, the children worked in groups to make different 2D shapes using their bodies, such as triangles, rectangles and circles. The children loved doing this but found it took a little bit of planning to get the shapes right.

The children also worked in groups in class to complete lots of different Maths activities. This involved counting various things in the classroom such as the amount of windows and tables, counting how many squares and rectangles were in our classroom rug and hunting for various classroom objects in the shape of rectangles, circles and triangles. The children really enjoyed the challenge and loved working in different groups!

We also visited the library on World Maths Day. As well as reading lots of books the children completed some maths activities. They counted the number of words on each page in the book they were reading and counted how many books were on different shelves in the library. They also counted how many letters and triangles there were in the big rug in the library!

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World Book Day – 1/3/18

The children looked fabulous on World Book Day!

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Tomato and peas seed planting.

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The children loved our music lesson with Mrs Hadwin.

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Class 1SH enjoying their PE lesson.

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Superheroes – Spring 1

The children will be studying a wide range of Superheroes as part of this topic. They will also learn about people who have made a difference in the past, such as Florence Nightingale, Grace Darling and David Livingstone. They will learn about modern day superheroes such as Mountain Rescue, RNLI, firefighters, police officers and nurses. In addition, they will learn about physical and human features in geography, make moving pictures in DT and listen to and investigate different superhero theme tunes.

Look at Year 1 dressed up as Superheroes!

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Dinosaur Planet -Autumn 2

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The Enchanted Woodland -Autumn 1

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Fun activities in class and Halloween disco day!

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