Year 3


 Welcome to Year 3

Staff: Mr Hadwin and Mrs de Simone 

Have a look at what we get up to in Year 3.  Below you will find a ‘Snap Shot’ of what to expect throughout the year, including information about our Research Projects and extra curricular activities.

Please look at our Research Project Plans to see what we get up to.

Tribal Tales

Urban Pioneers


Mighty Metals


Gods & Mortals


For the Summer Term Year 3 will endeavour to complete the daily mile. Weather permitting, both classes will be getting fitter in an attempt to run around the school field. Studies have shown that running like this increases a child’s ability to concentrate in lessons and improves their general health and wellbeing.







Summer Term (2018)- Predator! & Gods and Mortals
During these topics the children will learn all about food chains and habitats, then discover a world of mythical creatures and legendary heroes.Autumn Term(2017)
 – Tribal Tales & Urban Pioneers

















Autumn Term (2017) Tribal Tales & Urban Pioneers

During these topics children will learn lots of things about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, including how archaeologists are still discovering ancient settlements in our region. In the second half term they will explore graffiti art, study Liverpool life in the past, important places and monuments in Liverpool.

Spring  Term (2018) – Tremors & Mighty Metals

In this term we will study Earth Science, including volcanoes and earthquakes, moving on to magnetism and the properties of metal.










 3 – General Information

P.E Information






Children in 3IH  and 3SDS have PE on a Wednesday. Children must wear a full Malvern Primary School P.E uniform.  This includes:

  • White T-shirt (plain white or white with Malvern badge)
  • Green shorts
  • Black / grey pumps

Children should have their P.E kit in school everyday. Both classes might squeeze in a second PE lesson sometime during the week if the timetable permits..


Reading and Homework

Try to encourage your child to read 4 times a week (they need only be 10 minutes sessions if your child becomes tired). Please try to make a comment about your child’s reading.  Journals should be brought in everyday, even if the children haven’t had a chance to read the night before.

Children will be given spellings and tables tests on a Friday. They will practice these during the week in preparation for their test the following week. Other topic based homework will be handed out half termly.