At the Number 15 Bus Stop

On the evenings of December 19th¬†and 20th,¬†Drama and Theatre Club performed their outstanding rendition of ‘At the Number 15 Bus Stop’. This year’s Christmas performance transported the Nativity story from Bethlehem to Liverpool. Audience members met the Bagshot family of Pilch Lane (think 1980s sitcom ‘Bread’) and a host of other local characters: the girls from Sayers, clergy from St. Margaret Mary’s, the staff and customers of Chan’s Chippy and the Angel of the Lord.

An expecting Maria and husband Joe returned to Liverpool on Christmas Eve to spend the festive season with Maria’s mum – and not long after getting off the last number 15 bus, Maria’s baby decided it was time to enter the world. Local residents reported an unusually bright star above the bus stop – and even the BBC turned up to find out what was happening. The whole story was narrated by Bert, Brenda and Tommy from the bar of the Bowring Park Pub. Even Bonnie Tyler, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton managed to get in on the act! Well done to everyone involved in producing such a fantastic performance!