Who Let the Gods Out


We were delighted to receive a message from Maz:

Hello all you little heroes at Malvern Primary!

Maz Evans here, author of Who Let the Gods Out – hope you are EPIC! I also hope you enjoy Elliot and Virgo’s adventures – reading is the rocketship that can take you to countless universes, so clamber aboard!

Loads of love

Maz xxx

The website www.lovereading4kids.co.uk says – Oh my goodness, this is a rollicking good read from Maz Evans.  ‘Who Let The Gods Out’ is a super, funny adventure story that will have kids reading long past their bedtime.  Poor Elliot is having a very tough time.  His mum is poorly, they have serious money problems, a devilishly devious interfering neighbour and school is quite simply a complete nightmare!  So the last thing Elliot needs is for a conceited constellation to crash land smack, bang in the middle of his cow shed.  Suddenly feisty, fearless Virgo enters his life with ‘a damp, loud splat.’  Together they manage to set free a dangerous and incredibly evil Daemon of Death and before long it is down to Elliot to save the world.  As if he didn’t have enough on his plate!   This book is laugh out loud hilarious.  Elliot is brave and good hearted and going through such a hard time.  The Gods are hilarious, quirky, fallible and bang up to date.  ‘Who Let The Gods Out’ is the first in a four-part series – so read on to see what happens next for Elliot and his new friends.

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